The MuggleNet FART Reading Challenge and Downloadable Tracker

People have been advocating for us Harry Potter fans to read another book together for a couple of decades now, so we at MuggleNet decided we might as well take that challenge to heart. Without further ado, we bring you the Folks All Reading Together Reading Challenge, otherwise known as FART. We hope all you bookworms will join us this year as we read our way through 2021 together, and as a bonus, we’ve made our very own downloadable reading tracker to go along with it.



So what exactly is FART, and how does it work? FART is a series of 12 challenges to help push the limits of your reading throughout the year and hopefully help you find your next favorite book. You can complete the challenges in any order you like and mark them in your reading log, but we will be rolling out book recommendations every month to help give you ideas of what books to read that will fit each category. Some of the challenges may fit well with the books you’re already reading, and some of them may help to push you out of your reading comfort zone and encourage you to diversify your reading list. There are so many great books out there just waiting to be discovered!


So without further ado, here is MuggleNet’s 2021 FART Reading Challenge:

  1. January: New year, new novels – read a book that was published in the last two years.
  2. February: Read a book by a Black author.
  3. March: Things you didn’t learn in History of Magic class – read a Muggle classic.
  4. April: In the name of Herbology, read a book that deals with climate change/the environment.
  5. May: Channel your inner Fleur Delacour, and read a book in translation (originally written in a language you do not speak.)
  6. June: Read a book featuring a trans protagonist.
  7. July: Break out that Time-Turner, and read a book set before you were born.
  8. August: Some things just don’t belong in the Restricted Section – read a book off of the “banned book” list.
  9. September: Hermione’s idea of a bit of light reading – read a nonfiction book.
  10. October: Read a play or poetry collection.
  11. November: Read the book one of your favorite shows/movies is based on.
  12. December: It’s Debut December – read a new author’s very first book.



We will be reading along with you, so make sure you follow our #FARTchallenge hashtag to stay up to date on suggestions, discussions, and book-lover fun. Tag your latest reads with the hashtag, so we can see what you’re reading, and share some snaps of your reading tracker as you start to fill it up with books. Members of our Patreon (all levels) will also have exclusive access to a dedicated space for FART book discussions, so come join us if you want to talk all things books.

So if you’re looking to jazz up your reading list, explore outside your usual tastes, and get together with other bookworms, we hope you’ll join us as we read our way through 2021. Check back for an updated list of book recs for each challenge as we publish them, but in the meantime, click the link below to download our MuggleNet 2021 Reading Tracker so you don’t forget what you read and so you can look back on this year and remember all the wonderful worlds you entered through the pages of a book. There are as many columns with tracking categories as there are Every Flavor Beans, so feel free to customize your tracker to meet your bookish needs once you’ve downloaded it.

Click here to download our reading tracker.

Happy reading! And don’t forget – when in doubt, go to the library.


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