Brighton’s Wizarding Shop Looking for a Witch or Wizard to Run Its Honeydukes

A small, independent Harry Potter shop in Brighton, England, is looking for a new witch or wizard to run its very own Honeydukes.

Oliver’s first opened its doors in 2017 and has been supplying the people of Brighton with Hogwarts uniforms, magical snacks, and broomsticks ever since. The store is increasing its wares with a sweet new addition: its own Honeydukes. According to the store’s owner, Oliver Dall, this expansion will include “every type of sweet imaginable.” It will feature candy from across the globe, as well as sugary treats from other fandoms such as Sonic the Hedgehog energy drinks.


Oliver Dall, owner of Oliver's Brighton, showing off some of his goods.


If you live in the Brighton area and are looking for a job, Oliver’s would be happy to hear from you! Applications will need to consist of a résumé and your answer to this simple question: If you could be any sweet in the world, what would you be and why? Dall wants his new employee to be fun, confident, enthusiastic, and full of imagination. Applications so far have included essays, manuscripts, and drawings, so make sure to get creative if you’re submitting your own!



With the pandemic causing many businesses to close, Dall is all too aware of the fact that his store is one of “the lucky ones.” He decided that the store needed to transfigure into something more to keep its place on Brighton’s Trafalgar Street. This sweet emporium is one of many changes he has made. Another addition is a booking system for a private shopping experience, helping the store keep staff and customers safe.

Dall has been a big part of the Harry Potter community for a long time. One of the most notable contributions he has made, other than the store, of course, is his charity work. In the past, Dall and his team have dressed up as Santa’s elves to deliver wands at Christmas, and last year, Dall walked a marathon dressed as Dobby the house-elf.

Whether you want to apply for this job or not, we’re still interested to know your answers to Dall’s question. Which sugary snack would you be, and why?


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