Cupboard Under the Stairs Gets Magical Makeover

It’s nearly an entire year since we’ve had to spend significantly more time at home. Several ingenious homeowners have taken this opportunity to redesign their houses, cottages, sheds, bedrooms, or even garages, sometimes on a thrift store budget. While the hero of the Harry Potter books wasn’t very comfortable in his cupboard under the stairs, a little creativity can work wonders in the Muggle world. Here’s the newest remarkable creation: under the stairs from down under.

Donna Campbell, a mother of five from Australia, gave her previously unused storage space under the stairs a makeover. What was once an overlooked cupboard fit for stuffing a dusty vacuum cleaner out of sight is now the perfect “reading and Netflix space” with collectible toys, merchandise, framed pictures, cushions, books, a flat-screen TV, and even a Sorting Hat.


A seemingly unsuspecting white cupboard door under the stairs has a Platform 9 and 3/4 key.

The white cupboard door blends in with its perfectly normal Muggle surroundings.


A tiny cupboard can be seen filled with Harry Potter items, a Sirius poster, House flags, and a flatscreen TV.

There’s plenty of magic in the tiny space under the stairs.


With such limited space in there, cupboards are particularly tough to turn into a truly magical little room that is both functional and enchanting. Campbell shared her work online to enthusiastic feedback from other fans of the wizarding world. She and her family have been collecting Harry Potter merch for years. They finally have the perfect place to put it.


A dusty white cupboard is shown with a little clutter.

The cupboard looked like any random storage space prior to redecoration.


In a cupboard, the underside of the staircase is painted with the quote "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." Under this, a cosy Harry Potter themed reading nook is found with cushions and books.

After the mischievous makeover, the tiny cupboard became the perfect secret reading nook.


“It was actually my two youngest children who came up with the idea. My husband and I have five children and a five[-]month[-]old granddaughter, and they were all at home with us through each of Melbourne’s three lockdowns,” Campbell shared. As this past year has taught us, even the most loving family members and significant others can benefit from some quality solitude. Campbell’s children now “take turns and retreat there when they needed some alone time.” And it was all made using tools anyone can pick up from a regular Muggle hardware store.


A cupboard under the stairs is pictured, painted with magical stars and stuffed with Harry Potter toys, stuffed owls, scarves, and pictures.

Campbell created the perfect place to display the family’s collective “Harry Potter” merch.


The underside of the stairs shows a dungeon sign in a Harry Potter themed cupboard. There are cushions and books in this reading nook.

While the cupboard is small, it is the ideal reading nook especially but not exclusively for children.


“They were so excited when I finished. They have been bringing in their friends and our neighbours to show them, and it’s the first place they go to when they come home from school,” Campbell said. But the cupboard is not only popular with young ones, she revealed:

I found my 16[-]year[-]old in there late one Saturday night watching Netflix, and I also discovered my 26[-]year[-]old medical student and his 24[-]year[-]old psychology student girlfriend in there cuddled up under blankets and watching Stan! They all love it!


A cupboard under the stairs contains fairy lights, awesome cushions and a bean bag, and framed pictures of the wizarding world including the Fat Lady.

Make sure you know the password to give to the Fat Lady to enter this awesome hiding spot.


A Sorting Hat is placed in a tiny cupboard under the stairs that has lots of Harry Potter items.

If you get lonely in the cupboard, you can always chat with the Sorting Hat.


“I’m so happy with it, and I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved with hardly any help from anyone,” Campbell said, and she can indeed be proud of what she has created almost completely on her own. “My daughter’s partner put in the television and carpet for me, but I did everything else myself.”


A cupboard under the stiars has a brick wallpaper, framed wizarding world pictures, a plant, Harry Potter items, and a flatscreen TV.

Campbell was able to cram a lot of magic into the tiny space.


Well done! The cupboard is absolutely fabulous. If you or your friends have a similar magical DIY project that you would like to show off, do not hesitate to share it with us by emailing We cannot get enough of these remarkable designs.


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