UPDATED: Wizarding World Digital Gives Sneak Peek at Harry Potter Fan Club Pins for 2021

Wizarding World Digital is providing fans with a sneak peek of the collectible enamel pins that they can look forward to receiving this year from their membership in the official Harry Potter Fan Club.

The upcoming designs, the announcement notes, include a new series of pins, Shops of the Wizarding World.

In 2021, you can expect new sets of pins and special individual pins dropping throughout the year. Our next set, coming on the [sic] 9th March 2021 for Gold Members and 11th March 2021 for general release*, is all about the shops of the wizarding world, from Honeydukes sweet shop in Hogsmeade to Eeylops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.

The pins shown are Outside Eeylops Owl Emporium, Outside Honeydukes, Outside Madam Malkin’s, Outside Ollivanders, Outside Quality Quidditch Supplies, and Outside Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Each depicts the facade of a popular shop in the wizarding world.

Each pin comes with intricate detail of each shop front, including their products in the window. You can even see a little broom outside Quality Quidditch Supplies. As these pins are a bit bigger, it means we’ve been able to make the designs even more beautiful and meticulous, making them just that little bit extra special for you. Speaking of special, there is only a limited run of these pins available – so in the words of Mad-Eye Moody, have ‘constant vigilance’ when they come on sale! Or maybe you have a really kind friend who you could swap with!



Beyond Shops of the Wizarding World, Wizarding World Digital also teased an upcoming Niffler pin, though an image of it wasn’t provided in the announcement.

Our upcoming Niffler pin will be on general sale in just a few weeks’ time – and you can bet he’ll be immersed in gorgeous gold details and jewels to make this accessory extra decadent. We’re really excited for him to poke his nose out to meet you!

Wizarding World Digital hinted at another pin – “an amazing statement pin” – that fans will want to add to their pin collections but provided few other details about it.

A little bird also told us about an amazing statement pin we have coming soon, and although we have a burning desire to tell you all about it, we will refrain from revealing that particular surprise for now. But – our pin seekers out there should definitely keep an eye out for this one if you want to add something very unique to your building collections.

UPDATE (March 11):

We know a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting the Niffler pin, and be prepared for cuteness overload.


Niffler Pin

Niffler pin featuring gold and jewels


The Niffler is striking the exact same pose we saw in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Additional photos of the Shops of the Wizarding World pin set have also been released.


Box with enamel pins

Box featuring the Shops of the Wizarding World enamel pins


Additional photo of outside of shops

Additional view of shops including Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes


We are loving the details on these.

Press Release

Harry Potter Fan Club reveals new pins in the Pin Seeking Collection starting with the iconic [s]hop fronts of the Wizarding World and a bejewelled Niffler

[10th March 2021] London, UK: The Harry Potter Fan Club is unveiling brand[-]new individual pins and box sets from its Pin Seeking Collection each month throughout 2021. The latest arrivals are already in high demand following the much-anticipated debut collection, which launched in August 2020.

The Pin Seeking enamel badges, courtesy of the official Fan Club, are full of detail and stories, with each one celebrating the wizarding world in its own special way. The collection is currently a huge hit with fans, who have raced to get their hands on the limited[-]edition designs and Hogwarts House Sets – with some releases selling out in hours.

This year, the pin[-]seeking adventure continues with the launch of the Shops of the Wizarding World. Featuring 6 beautiful individual shop front pins, the set includes Honeydukes, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Madam Malkin’s, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Quality Quidditch Supplies and Ollivanders. Each pin comes with intricate detail of the shop front, including magical products in the window - fans might even spot a little broom outside Quality Quidditch Supplies!

This is only the second 6-pin set to be released on general sale following the launch of the First Edition Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin sets last year. And for those looking for creative ways to display their pins, magnets in the walls of each box allow you to connect multiple sets together to build a magical display. You can also unlock extra surprises with the Harry Potter Fan Club app when you scan the Enchanted Key on each pin set.

To celebrate Magical Mischief month, which sees the Wizarding World encouraging fans to embrace their sillier side throughout the month of March, a very special pin is sneaking its way into the [c]ollection – a Niffler! Arguably the most mischievous creature of them all and a Fantastic Beasts favourite, fans can celebrate the character that loves something shiny as he’s immortalised in pin form. He’ll be immersed in gorgeous gold details and jewels to make him an extra special purchase!

Fans can also look forward to regular releases of never-before-seen designs, themed around some of the most iconic characters and events from the Harry Potter series. Some pins will be released in limited numbers, so avid pin seekers will need to hurry before they vanish quicker than you can say Evanesco.

“We are so pleased to announce these exciting additions to the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection. The new releases give our fans the chance to continue growing their collections and get hold of some rare and special designs. As before, these collectible pins are on limited runs, so in the words of Mad-Eye Moody, have [']constant vigilance['] when they come on sale!” Tom Greene, Chief Operating Officer at Wizarding World Digital.

Fans can still get their hands on the highly coveted House Sets - a perfect collector’s item for Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs or Slytherins to show off their House pride. The six pins in each set feature iconic emblems including crest, scarf and banner of the Hogwarts House, as well as an exclusive pin that can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Seek out more by visiting the dedicated pins hub on WizardingWorld.com, the official online home for all pin seekers. There, learn about upcoming releases, plus discover the interesting stories behind their designs and features… and enjoy plenty of pinspiration!

The Shops of the Wizarding World will be available to buy from 9th of March for £59.95 / $80.00, with the individual Niffler pin launching on the 31st March for £18.00, on the official Harry Potter Shop, your one-stop shop for all of the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking Collection products.

See what other pin seekers are up to by joining the online community and sharing with us how you like to style your Harry Potter Fan Club collectible pins using #HarryPotterPinSeeking @WizardingWorld.

New pins will be released “every few weeks throughout the year,” according to Wizarding World Digital.

Do you hope to add these new pins to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!


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