Harry Potter Film Concert Series Slowly Begins Its Comeback After Almost a Year of At-Home Entertainment

The Harry Potter Film Concert Series has been spreading magic around the globe since it was first announced in 2016. Now, the world is in an entirely different state than it was five years ago when it started. We have watched countless events get canceled or postponed, and a lot of them are still in question as to when they can continue. The Harry Potter Film Concert Series was no different from any other event; the COVID-19 pandemic had just as big of an impact on it as it did on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Let’s take a look at how happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light.


Film Concert Series

Harry Potter Film Concert Series performance


The Harry Potter Film Concert Series took everything the pandemic threw at it and turned it into something audiences are able to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, calling it the Harry Potter Film Concert Series: Around the World at Home. The “Around the World at Home” page on the website has samples of each film score played by members of different orchestras from around the world. It’s fun to see if you can find your favorite piece from each film. You can also listen to each piece as many times as you’d like and be transported back to seeing Hogwarts for the very first time, all while not having to change out of your favorite Harry Potter pajama set. This quick video from the site, produced as part of Wizarding World Digital’s virtual Back to Hogwarts event last September 1, will give you all the musical information you need to decide whether one of these magical performances is for you or not.



On top of giving everyone the ability to listen to the Harry Potter Film Concert Series from your home or anywhere you have an Internet connection, the masterminds behind the scenes didn’t stop there. The Harry Potter Film Concert Series launched the “Crafts & Games” section of the website, providing ways for you to still feel connected to others through your artistic magical means. The Harry Potter Film Concert Series playlist is on almost every page of the website. The “Crafts & Games” section suggests giving it a listen and capturing what you feel through these pieces using your favorite medium, whether that’s painting, drawing, photography, or any other artistic means. You can submit your artwork on the website for a chance to be published online with other fans like yourself.


Harry Potter Film Concert Series

Harry Potter Film Concert Series: Around the World at Home


If artistry isn’t your thing, maybe you have an Extendable Ear handy and can accurately guess the sound of orchestra instruments. If you get the answer right, you might get a shout-out on social media from the Harry Potter Film Concert Series! Of course, no games section would be complete without trivia. We haven’t met a Harry Potter fan yet who will ever pass up the chance to play some trivia and prove their Potter knowledge.

A lot of us are still missing being in venues and on stages, so they also came up with a solution for that need with virtual backgrounds for your online calls. Choose what spot you want to be in, whether it’s performing in the orchestra, being a spectator, or browsing some Harry Potter gear. If you’re feeling nostalgic, there’s also a full-length video of a performance that was done at Universal Orlando Resort with highlights from the first four films.


Virtual Background

One of the multiple virtual background options from the Harry Potter Film Concert Series: Around the World at Home


As of right now, almost all in-person performances of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series through the beginning of June are being postponed. According to the Concert Series website, the last performances before lockdowns began worldwide were on March 1, 2020, with performances in the United States and Taiwan. The “Global Tour” section of the website gives a rundown of the events across the world, showing which ones have been postponed and the ones considered good to go for right now.

There have, however, been a few performances that have resumed in 2021. These shows began in January and have been only in Perth, Australia, and three cities in Taiwan. As of April 10, Western Australia, where Perth is located, has lifted restrictions for certain indoor and outdoor venues with fixed seating to operate at 100% capacity. The Perth Convention and Exposition Centre, Riverside Theatre, is included in the updated event guidelines. If the gathering exceeds 500 people, it requires a permit and plan for approval. Taiwan has enacted safety guidelines and restrictions for indoor events, including social distancing, wearing masks, and completing temperature checks.

The small number of performances being done now in no way compares to what they have been in previous years. In the first couple of months of 2020, there had already been 36 performances or sets of performances in countries and cities across the globe – there have only been six so far in 2021. Slowly but surely, the Harry Potter Film Concert Series is making its comeback to the world.

The next set of performances with tickets up for grabs is in Orlando, Florida, at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on June 26 and 27. There are several other performances within the United States that have already been postponed after these dates in other cities. The website states if any postponements are announced once you’re a ticket holder, you will be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made.

Canada, China, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and additional places in the United States all have cities where performances will be held between August and December of 2021, and tickets are available for purchase now. The website clearly states that it’s of utmost importance to check the local orchestra or venue’s website for recent updates on restrictions and safety guidelines for attending these performances. The Harry Potter Film Concert Series currently does not have any guidelines on the website regarding safety and restrictions specifically made for the events.

With over 2.7 million fans and more than 1,300 performances worldwide, the Harry Potter Film Concert Series is something that is definitely in high demand. We have no doubt that once restrictions are lifted and it’s deemed safe to do so, more performances will resume and those that have been postponed will be assigned a new performance date.

Many of us are anxious to return to semi-normal life, and being with other Harry Potter fans who “get” us seems like it could be a good place to start. Have you attended any of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series performances? Let us know your favorite Harry Potter film score either way and use #HarryPotterInConcert on social media to share your story!


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