Potterhead Running Club Announces Chaser 15 Mile

Potterhead Running Club’s third event of the year has just been announced, and this one is called Chaser 15 Mile. Inspired by the infamous wizarding sport Quidditch, the event is named after the Chasers, whose aim is to get hold of the Quaffle and attempt to get it past the Keeper, through one of the hoops.

Potterhead Running Club aims to create an online community that promotes positive personal health while supporting charities through virtual running events. It has already hosted two events this year: the Chocolate Jog 7K and the No Post on Runday 5K.

Registration for the Chaser 15 Mile is now open, and its cost of $27 covers a custom finisher’s medal, a neck ribbon, and a personalized custom digital bib.




The medal features some enhanced sporting equipment, including the set of three hoops and a broomstick. The badge is meant to be “evocative of the trophy where Harry first learned that playing Quidditch was ‘in his blood,’ as his father, per the book series, was a [C]haser for his House team.” 

The charity partner for this event is US Quidditch, which is the national governing body for the sport of quidditch in the United States. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to build awareness of the game, allow everyone the opportunity to play at all levels, and advance the sport by building a community and empowering adult and youth athletes of all identities, races, and genders to compete together.

Another way participants of the Chaser 15 Mile can support US Quidditch is by purchasing a T-shirt that features a fun Quidditch illustration. It is suitable for any Seeker, Beater, Keeper, or Chaser and is available in different fabrics and styles.


Chaser 15 Mile Medal and T-Shirt

Pictured is the Chaser 15 Mile medal you receive for registering for the event and the T-shirt you can buy to support US Quidditch.


Since the event is virtual, participants can take part wherever they like, whenever they like. They can run, walk, skip, jog, or fly, and it can be completed in one go or throughout several sessions.

The optional “run day” for the event is Sunday, April 25, which is the “Sorting Sunday” for PHRC’s Quidditch-inspired House competition.

Will you be taking part in the Chaser 15 Mile? Registration closes at midnight on May 2, the medals will be shipped out the following week, and don’t forget to check out the FAQs for more information.


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