Perfect Spring Herbology Products to Add to Your Greenhouse

Spring is in the air at last. The days are getting warmer and longer, flowers are in bloom, and it’s the perfect time to be out in the Hogwarts greenhouses. Whether you have your own magical garden or not, we’ve gathered together some tidbits that are sure to please even Professor Sprout

First, if you can’t have your own greenhouse, the next best thing is this Herbology Class LEGO set. Open the book emblazoned with the Hufflepuff crest to find a Herbology class in full swing. The set includes Professor Sprout, Cedric Diggory, and Neville Longbottom minifigures, as well as gardening tools and a warning about the mandrakes. You’ll find enchanted pumpkins, a water station, and more in this adorable set.


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Want to let everyone know that you’re a magical plant expert? Look no further than this shirt. Available in both men’s and women’s fits and in a variety of colors, it features Leaping Toadstools, Gillyweed, Puffapods, and more. You can even get this design in a hoodie, tank top, v-neck, and more styles. Need the herbology design on even more? Keep all your gardening notes in this handy notebook. Surely Neville would approve of this essential school supply. 


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Move over, gnomes – these cute Funko recreations of Harry, Ron, and Hermione in their Herbology class gear are the new must-have garden (or anywhere) decoration! These vinyl figures come with safety earmuffs, wands, and mandrakes. 


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Once you’ve grown your herbs and potion ingredients, you’ll need somewhere to store them. Enter these beautiful and sturdy jars. Each is proudly embossed with one of the four House crests and comes with a cork-lined stopper to keep your ingredients safe and fresh. 


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Love mandrakes, perhaps the most iconic and recognizable magical plant? We’ve got options! This recreation of the iconic plant is exquisite and perfect for the serious collector. At about seven inches tall, the figure can be removed from the included pot. It also includes a display stand to keep the figure protected. 


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Want to participate in Herbology class yourself? Grab this plush mandrake and pull it from the pot to hear it cry and shake. Place it back in the pot to stop. Don’t forget your protective earmuffs!


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If you prefer less lethal plants but still want to give a nod to Herbology, try this cute mandrake face plant holder. 


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Add a little more subtle magic to all your plant babies with these owl-shaped succulent holders. This set of six handpainted holders is 2.5 inches tall and made of ceramic. Cultivating succulents will be a hoot!


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Have you included magical elements in your garden? Let us know in the comments, and show us pictures! 


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