Evanna Lynch Gets a Taste of New York’s Brand-New Butterbeer Bar

The world is opening up again, and this includes portals between the wizarding and the Muggle worlds. If you find yourself at the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, you are in the right place. A sanctuary dedicated to butterbeer will open at 935 Broadway, just a block and a half away from Madison Square Park and quite close to the Lyric Theatre, where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child may reopen with some changes. Star of the Harry Potter films as Luna Lovegood, Evanna Lynch got a sneak peek at the flagship store that will be the first to sell the iconic wizarding drink in New York.


Evanna Lynch is pouring Butterbeer from a bottle into a glass with HP labels with a backdrop of a Butterbeer bar with floating bottles overhead.


Harry Potter New York will be no shabby little Leaky Cauldron. With 21,000 square feet and three stories, visitors will be able to step into a spacious, stylish, and spectacular new wizarding locale. After all, a sugary pint of butterbeer is just what the MACUSA workers of Fantastic Beasts need at the end of a long day. Before its opening date on June 3, Evanna Lynch got to tour the store.


The entrance of a bar is pictured, Butterbeer is written in Art Nouveau stained glass above the door and the bar is lit with dozens of Butterbeer bottle lanterns.


“I think it’s quite different from the studio tour and the parks because it’s a wizarding building just in the middle of Muggle surroundings,” the actress and vegan activist told People magazine. The bar’s location is indeed quite different from the theme parks or Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. This will be convenient for fans, tourists, and locals alike.

I think the other ones, you have to kind of go out of your way, and it’s a big trek; it’s a pilgrimage, almost. Whereas this, you can be around New York City doing your shopping or at work.


A perfect pour of foamy Butterbeer is placed on a table in the front with a backdrop of a cool bar with Butterbeer bottle lanterns above the counter.


There is a bar with fun cookies on display in the shape of sweaters and Sorting Hats, with a row of bottled butterbeers in the front.


Aside from bottled and on-tap butterbeer, the bar will be selling ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, and merchandise too. If you haven’t tasted the go-to drink of the fictional world of Harry Potter, fear not: It comes in hot and cold brews in the Muggle world.

It’s so rich and buttery, I can’t imagine it tasting any different. In the books, it’s warm, and the bottled one is cool, so it’s more refreshing, which is definitely gonna be good for New York summers.


Four adorable sweater-shaped cookies are on display in a snack bar, with initials like the Weasley jumpers in Harry Potter.


Three chocolate-dipped Sorting Hat cookies are on display in a snack bar.


Find out more about the new store in advance of its opening date on its official website. This summer will be sweeter than ever.


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