Evanna Lynch Goes Undercover at Chicken Factory Farm to Raise Awareness for Animal Welfare

For many years, Harry Potter‘s Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) has used her platform as an actress to advocate for the rights of animals. Recently, reports Plant Based News, Lynch had the opportunity to go undercover at a chicken factory farm in the United Kingdom.

Lynch made the visit alongside Matthew Glover, the founder of Veganuary and VFC, to see how chickens were being treated by the facility.

Lynch shared her experience in a blog post on the Veganuary website. While the descriptions and accompanying photos and video are graphic, it is a necessary wake-up call. (Lynch noted that 95% of chickens raised for slaughter in the UK endure similar factory farming conditions to those at the facility she visited.)

You’d breathe in the fresh, cool night air and tell yourself that farms in the UK are humane, peaceful, open-air spaces, and conveniently, the systems we pay to kill them have made it neatly possible to believe this fallacy. So when VFC invited me to go behind the doors of a factory farm to see the living conditions that 95% of chickens raised for slaughter in the UK endure, I felt sure it wouldn’t be as bad as the images burned into my brain from undercover investigations or documentary exposés, but I felt compelled to check.

Reflecting on the experience as she returned to her hotel, Lynch echoed a quote from Newt Scamander as she described how her mother had tried to text and call her phone while she was gone.

We return to the hotel we’re staying at by 4am, and I turn on my phone to find 11 missed calls and a flurry of panicked text messages from my mum, who I knew I should not have told about this particular excursion. I text her back, assure her I’m fine, tell her she’s daft and that worrying only means you suffer twice and that there is already too much unnecessary suffering. I am fine, I am safe, I was never in any danger, 3 fully grown men would have come to my aid if I’d so much as stubbed a toe, but nobody would save the chickens. Nobody would know their pain or know them beyond a number. Nobody was worried that all of those little beings were in danger, and nobody heard the cries they emitted all day every day of their short, brutal lives.

For Lynch’s full blog post on the experience, you can visit Veganuary.

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