Fleur’s French-Inspired Morning Routine

Fleur Delacour is quite possibly a high contender for the most underrated Harry Potter character. She’s not only brilliant enough magically to make it into the Triwizard Tournament but also fierce, dedicated, and caring. Also, she’s got that no-nonsense French attitude, and she’s not going to stay quiet about it. So why not draw inspiration from this amazing character and add her aesthetic into our own lives?


Waking Up French-Style

Most morning routines these days go on and on about the benefits of being a morning person. Waking up with the sun, getting all that extra time to yourself, adding a new hobby or two – it all sounds like morning people have an edge over the rest of us. But fear not: Not everyone has fallen for the 5:00 a.m. wake-up routine. Fleur demands a good night’s rest and sleeps well past dawn and daybreak, and she wakes up for nothing and nobody except her own internal clock. No need for hundreds of alarms and repeated snoozing – be realistic about when you want to wake up and stick to it.


The Essentials: Coffee

As it is for many people, coffee is first on the agenda. Of course, this is no simple affair – Fleur has a careful procedure involving a French press and a dash of milk. Part of the enjoyment comes in the creation, so Fleur is very particular about her cups of coffee, putting time into watching it brew. She considers it meditation.


Lavender Brown's Iced Coffee



Fashion Day, Every Day

Nothing says French like a well-put-together outfit. No matter the day, mood, or list of things to do, Fleur takes extra consideration into how she expresses herself. It might be adding a bright, fun accessory to an otherwise plain outfit or wearing her best shoes for the fun of it. Putting something different into her outfit and hair is a way of expressing herself and giving herself some love and attention. Even if she’s just wearing tracksuit pants and a T-shirt, you can be sure she’ll be looking good while doing it.




Take It Easy, Take It Slow

Breakfast is often a leisurely affair in France with a pick-and-nibble-style meal spread over several hours: a bit of fruit with coffee, half a croissant after a brisk jog, perhaps a square of brioche if you’re feeling extra peckish. Ever wondered how French people stay famously thin while eating butter- and cream-filled foods at every turn? The secret is not what you eat, but more how you eat. While it may not work for people like Ron Weasley, this delayed picnic-style meal is Fleur’s go-to in the morning.


Connecting Heart and Mind

After adding in a jog, eating breakfast, and getting ready for the day, Fleur enjoys spending some time with her thoughts. Some days, that means educating herself with a non-fiction book; some days it’s journaling out her thoughts. Some days, she likes to learn a bit of a new language to add to her repertoire. Fleur is the kind of person who refuses to be boxed in by stereotypes and labels, and diversifying her interests and knowledge is a great way of doing that.




Even if we can’t all go to France, we can add a bit of the French lifestyle into our own. Fleur’s morning routine is balanced yet quite luxurious, taking some often desperately needed time to ourselves to improve and figure ourselves out. Hopefully, it shows that sometimes you can have it all, mixing a sleep-in with exercise, a good breakfast, and time for hobbies or working on a new skill.


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Emily Lawrence

I was first handed my mum’s copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on my eighth birthday, and I’ve never looked back. As a proud Hufflepuff and part of the Australian-Weasley branch, I hope to one-day walk in the footsteps of J.K. Rowling and write my own magical stories. No matter where life takes me, Harry Potter will always be home.