Florence Nightingale Would Be “Roaring”: Helena Bonham Carter Condemns 1% Pay Increase for Nurses

Nurses and doctors have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since day one. They have been the public’s caretakers and protectors, and they have carried the burden of fighting the virus for far too long.

Earlier this year, England’s health department made a proposal that would increase National Health Service (NHS) nurses’ pay. However, the recommended amount would only bump NHS workers’ pay by 1%. The Royal College of Nursing in England is outraged by the “pitiful” number and is calling on officials for an increase of 12.5%.

Helena Bonham Carter (known for playing Bellatrix Lestrange throughout the Harry Potter series) made her opinions surrounding the issue known in a video statement.



Carter revealed she is a descendant of Florence Nightingale, who is hailed as the founder of modern nursing. In the video, Carter speaks about how much she admired Nightingale. She goes on to say that she was surrounded by nurses for many of her formidable years and how she has been aware of their roles.

I’d almost certainly say that my relative, Florence Nightingale, she’d be roaring today.

Carter continues her statement in the video by saying it’s a step in the right direction, but simply not enough.

After the initial announcement of the 1% pay increase, health secretary Matt Hancock addressed the growing upset among NHS workers, saying the decision was made based on “what’s affordable as a nation.” Other officials feel 1% is reasonable given the current state of the economy in England and the overall strain COVID caused over the past year. The British Medical Association (BMA) called the proposed increase “a kick in the teeth.”

An official decision has yet to be made.


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