EXCLUSIVE: Leaked “Fantastic Beasts” Photo Features Designs Inspired by Hitler’s Personal Architect

It may still be 400+ days before we get to step back into the wizarding world via a new Fantastic Beasts film, but today, a leaked photo that claims to be from inside the German Ministry of Magic helps quench the thirst for many eager fans.

MuggleNet can exclusively confirm that the building is indeed German. The room in the leaked photograph (discovered and published by another fansite) is most likely part of the Ministry of Magic building’s magical overlay, similar to the Woolworth Building in the first film. Keen-eyed MuggleNet readers are also debating on whether it could be a portion of Grindelwald’s home.

Thanks to our own sources, we learned that the work of Hitler’s personal architect, Albert Speer, inspired the designs seen in the leaked photo. Speer joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and quickly rose in the ranks to a spot in Hitler’s inner circle. There, he was commissioned to oversee renovations of the Reich Chancellery (the office of the Chancellor of Germany), where the interior bears a marked resemblance to the leaked photograph.

Since the Fantastic Beasts series was announced and fans found out that Grindelwald was going to be involved, it has been widely believed that the final film would depict the legendary 1945 battle between him and Dumbledore. The move to Germany in the third film, which we exclusively confirmed in September 2020, adds further support to this belief.



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Rather than upload full-size Nazi photographs to our website, we ask that you Google the leaked photo and/or images of Speer’s work if you would like to see it.


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