Harry Potter and His Astrological Birth Chart

by David Thomas

We often consider astrological birth charts to be a sort of snapshot of our destinies. At the moment of our birth, the position of the stars and planets can give us a glimpse into the possibilities our lives can steer toward.

That being said, we decided to try looking at the astrological birth charts of fictional characters. Today, we’re taking a look at the birth charts of the famous boy who lived: Harry Potter.

While we all know that Harry Potter isn’t real, it’s fun to see if his birth chart matches his character. After all, there has to be a reason J.K. Rowling gave him her birthdate, right? Just how much of an inspiration was his birthday, and how strongly did it affect his character?

To find out, we’re going to look at his birth date, time, and place to see what his sun, moon, and Ascendant signs are.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the birth chart of the boy who lived.


Harry’s Sun Sign

An excellent place to start would be to look at Harry’s sun sign as it represents his core personality and how he interacts with the world around him.

Harry James Potter was born on July 31, 1980. This date puts the sun in the eighth house and eight degrees of Leo. So what does this mean?

Well, it means he’s a Leo, which fits him surprisingly well. If there’s one thing he does that defines him, it’s that he can be fiercely protective of the people he cares about. Aside from that, he is also prideful – though not in a bad way, all things considered.

It makes sense when you take into account how Harry is always thrust into the center of attention whether he likes it or not. While he may have had his reservations, he ultimately takes the mantle as leader multiple times in his life.

As a fixed fire sign, this certainly explains his bold, impulsive nature and also gives context to his lower moments when he lets his selfish desires get to him. You can see this in how he naturally reacts to conflict and whenever he finds himself in a corner.

It’s also quite apt that his sun is in the eighth house as his life has many affiliations with legacy and death. After all, he had to deal with the death of his loved ones time and time again. Yet somehow, he does not shy away from death and all it brings. Also, you can’t really talk about the boy who lived without taking notice of the legacies surrounding him, both of the people who came before him and those he created for himself.


Harry’s Moon Sign

Unlike the sun sign, which deals in the conscious and outward aspects of Harry’s being, the moon deals with the opposite. It describes how he feels and reacts to things in private or unconsciously.

Also, unlike the sun sign, the moon sign changes much faster, which means we need to get the exact time Harry was born. Here’s the part where we had to do some extrapolation on the data as we never actually got to know precisely when he was born.

With that said, we are comfortable putting Harry’s birth time at 5:00 p.m. as that puts his moon in Aries. With that said, the Aries moon can explain his rebellious streak and why he lashes out at authority figures and peers alike. Aside from that, he tends to retreat into himself. Instead of communicating his emotional hurt to others, he would prefer to internalize his suffering and try to solve his problems alone.

Take note that his Aries moon is alone and sitting at the bottom of his chart. This positioning indicates a strong spirit that can wither away or lose its way unless he finds some way to channel his energy or someone teaches him how to. Good thing he got that invite to Hogwarts, right?

Lastly, his moon associates him with loving and devoted women. This association manifests itself first in his mother, who loved him so much it saved his life. It also displays itself in his foster mother Petunia but as a mirror image of Lily. And it’s what makes Ginny so attractive to Harry once she got out of her shell and started letting her fierce and independent nature show.


Harry’s Ascendant Sign

If the sun sign represents the conscious and public and the moon sign represents the unconscious and private, the Ascendant sign represents the individual in relation to others. By looking at Harry’s Ascendant, we can gain better insight into how he sees people, how others see him, and how he naturally reacts to things around him.

Again, we will need to extrapolate on data since finding the Ascendant means that we need to know where he was born. Unfortunately, none of our sources have been able to point out the location of Godric’s Hollow. However, the clues we do have suggest that his birthplace is somewhere near Exmoor, UK.

With that in mind, these data pieces put Harry’s Ascendant in Sagittarius. If you’re wondering why Harry has a penchant for getting into trouble, feel free to blame it on the ascending Sagittarius. Of course, this same impulsive nature is the drive that allows him to take risks for his friends and family.

Almost ironically, Sagittarius’s ruler in Virgo means that Harry can, in fact, think his way through anything if he can stay put long enough to come up with a plan. He can be quite clever when he wants to be, and you can even see this in the moments when he lets his sass shine every now and then.



It’s almost chilling to see how closely Harry’s chart reflects his character. At this point, it’s obvious how carefully Rowling chose his birthday.

Though we may never know for sure whether the character inspired the date or the date inspired the character, the boy who lived really does fit the bill: a fiery jump starter as bright and shining as the fire signs that make up his sun, moon, and Ascendant.


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