Potter DIYs: How They’re Holding Up

I love creating DIYs and reading about others’ creations, especially when they’ve got a connection to the Wizarding World. But I do find that when I’m following super cute projects on the Internet, I wonder how well they really last when you put them to use. I figured that I can’t be the only one wondering this, so I thought I would share how some of my own DIYs are holding up.


Potter Sleep Masks



I can honestly say that I have not gone a single night without my sleep mask since I made these last year. So even with a ton of wear, I’m really pleased with how these have held up. You can see that the felt is getting a bit worn and my paint is not as crisp as it once was, but overall, these have held up great. Unfortunately, my Ron mask has gone MIA so I couldn’t picture it, but Harry is still going strong! I think that next time I would try doing the details (glasses, scar, etc.) as felt appliques rather than paint just to keep them looking a bit crisper, but that’s me being nitpicky.


Puppet Pals



If you’ve checked out many of my other DIYs for the site, you may have noticed that these little guys make some cameo appearances! They continue to be some of the cutest things I own and have held up well since they’re not the kind of item that sees a lot of wear and tear. I do have some ideas about how I would do them differently next time, so keep an eye out for a new Puppet Pal DIY coming in the nearish future!


House-Themed Scrunchies



I taught myself to make scrunchies specifically for this DIY, and since then I have become a one-woman scrunchie-making machine. Pretty much everyone with hair that I know received a scrunchie from me for Christmas, and my personal collection is starting to get a little out of control. In terms of wear, I find that these have held up perfectly. The only sign of use I can see is a bit of stretching-out of the hair elastic inside the scrunchies I wear most frequently. I’m not sure that there’s really a solution to this – since it’s also something that happens with commercial scrunchies – except perhaps using a thicker/heavier hair elastic when making them.


Weasley Jumper



Full disclosure – I have not worn my Weasley jumper very much. This doesn’t have anything to do with how the cross-stitching held up; instead, it’s because of my choice of the sweater to cross-stitch on. It’s a bit big and made from really synthetic yarn, so I just don’t find it super comfortable to wear. The stitching is looking great, though, and this is a technique I have used many times before. Instead of a current picture of my Weasley jumper, here is a picture of another sweater I cross-stitched almost seven years ago and how it looks today. You can see that the yarn gets a bit fuzzy after wearing, but this is also a piece that has gone through the washing machine a few times. Generally, I would recommend spot-washing or handwashing your Weasley jumper to keep this from happening, but even so, I think it’s held up really well. 


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