Warner Bros. on Location London Presents the “Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition”

Lately, Harry Potter fans have been treated to plenty of surprises: Theme parks and studio tours have started to reopen, and New York opened its very own Harry Potter store. Now, Londoners can get ready to have some magical fun of their own at the Warner Bros. on Location London Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition, which is opening on July 12.

Get ready for one wild magical ride. This exhibition, located in Covent Garden, London, is bound to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. It will take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of ten years of filmmaking. There will be a big display of iconic production photographs that have never been displayed in one place before. These will focus on key moments in the film series – from Harry’s first day at Hogwarts to the epic battle in the final film.



To top it off, you can also experience green screen technology for yourself and take a broom ride over London. Make sure to dress in your best Hogwarts robes for this one. After that, take a moment to imagine that you’re about to visit Mr. Weasley at the Ministry of Magic by taking pictures inside a London phone booth. You’ll also have the opportunity to pose for your own Ministry of Magic identification card.

All these magical shenanigans are bound to make you thirsty, which will lead you straight to one of the most exciting attractions at the exhibition: London’s one and only bottled butterbeer bar. Get ready to feel like you’re stepping back in time – the interior is designed to match the medieval butterbeer label. This bar’s butterbeer promises to be unlike any you’ve tasted before. It is made and brewed in the United Kingdom and features a whole new take on the familiar butterscotch flavor. You can drink it at the bar from a souvenir tankard, or take a bottle home to enjoy later. You’ll also notice that the bottles each feature magical collectible labels designed by MinaLima. While you’re there, you can imagine enjoying your delicious drink with the golden trio at the Three Broomsticks.


The butterbeer will flow at Harry Potter New York.


Before you leave, you can also visit the gift shop, which will be stocked with magical goodies from the wizarding world.

If you’re ready to go on this magical adventure, you can grab tickets for the exhibition here. They’re bound to sell fast, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible.

Are you excited about the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition? What part of it are you looking forward to the most? Tell us in the comments.

Press Release

Warner Bros. to launch UK exhibition of magical behind-the-scenes images from the Harry Potter film series, complete with London’s only bottled [b]utterbeer [b]ar

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition will take fans behind-the-scenes [sic] of their favorite Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film moments and memories.

The Wizarding World is recognized as one of the world’s best-loved franchises, representing a vast, interconnected universe [that] touches all aspects of fans’ lives. From 12th July, fans are invited to journey through the memories of the 10 years spent creating filmmaking magic in a display of behind-the-scenes images, never before seen in one place. Housing hundreds of iconic photographs, the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition will take fans behind the camera during key moments in the film series, from Harry’s first journey from Platform 9 ¾ (one of many iconic moments from the first film, which this year celebrates its 20th [a]nniversary) through to the Battle of Hogwarts from the final film in the series.

Located in Covent Garden, the brand-new attraction will showcase hundreds of exclusive images never before seen together. Fans will discover areas inspired by the Ministry of Magic and Platform 9 ¾. The Exhibition will also showcase how the magic lives on in the Muggle world with areas dedicated to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts.

After taking in the behind-the-scenes imagery, fans will be invited to strike a pose themselves in a number of green screen photo opportunities. Fans will be able to pose just like Harry and his friends, using green screen technology, to ride a broomstick over London. Aspiring witches and wizards can put on a Hogwarts robe, climb on to [sic] a broomstick and see how Harry and his friends were made to fly. For the first time ever, fans will even be able to pose for their very own Ministry of Magic [i]dentification [c]ard. Souvenir photos and videos of their adventures will be available to purchase in a variety of packages.

The Photographic Exhibition will also be home to London’s only bottled [b]utterbeer bar! Fans can enjoy the wizard’s drink of choice served in a souvenir tankard at the exhibition’s [b]utterbeer bar or take a bottle away to enjoy at home. Made and brewed in the U.K, bottled [b]utterbeer has a style [that] is entirely unique and comes in beautifully crafted souvenir glass bottles, each one featuring an exclusive collectible label designed by MinaLima, the design duo behind the graphic props of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. Best served chilled and poured straight from the bottle, the delicious soft drink features a new take on the butterscotch flavor fans know and love. The unique blend of top-secret ingredients makes bottled [b]utterbeer a must[-]try for any aspiring witch or wizard.

Fans will enter the [b]utterbeer bar, a space inspired by the medieval [b]utterbeer label, and be invited to take a seat inside a [b]utterbeer barrel or a copper brewing tank to enjoy their refreshing wizarding drink and treats inspired by the wizarding world.

The experience will end with a gift shop packed full of fan-favorite products, including [H]ouse robes, character wands, and bottled [b]utterbeer.

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition, including the bottled [b]utterbeer [b]ar, will open to fans on 12th July. Tickets are available to purchase now at www.harrypotteronlocation.co.uk and must be booked in advance.


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