Universal Studios Hollywood Is Open to Out-of-State Residents (On One Condition)

As COVID restrictions start to lift around the country, theme parks are finding themselves wondering how to manage the crowds. With the help of vaccines, there is a solution in sight.


Universal Studios Hollywood welcomes back non-California residents.


Universal Studios Hollywood has made it public that the park will reopen for non-California residents. There’s just one catch: Only those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID are allowed entry. The California Attractions and Parks Association released the following statement about the decision:

Amusement parks’ responsible reopening plans are guided by the state’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, which was recently updated with an addendum to Blueprint Activity & Business Tiers Chart. This addendum now allows fully vaccinated persons from out of state to visit or attend activities or events that were previously restricted to in-state visitors. As vaccinations become more widespread and state guidance evolves, individual parks may update their own responsible reopening plans in accordance with state and local public health regulations.

Travelers will be required to provide proof that they have been fully vaccinated. In addition, there will still be guidelines in place for all visitors once they are through the gates. Face masks are required, temperature checks are taken before entry, social distancing protocols are in effect, and some rides may require the use of hand sanitizer for riders. Since the vaccine is now widely available for those over the age of 16, Universal Studios Hollywood noted that the park can “only welcome out-of-state visitors age 16 and over, as children are not eligible for vaccination.” 


Universal Studios Hollywood now allows vaccinated out-of-state residents to enjoy the park.


At this time, the theme park is not allowing the online purchase of tickets for out-of-state guests. Visitors will have to buy their tickets on the day of their attendance and at the park’s entry gates. More information can be found on the Universal Studios Hollywood FAQ page.

Do you plan on traveling to Southern California for some theme park fun? Drop us a line and let us know!


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