Merch Madness: Dark Mark Bags and Death Eater Pins

We know that working with the Dark Lord might be a tempting idea for some, but luckily, there’s no need to turn to the Dark Side to get the new merchandise featured in this edition of Merch Madness.


Funko Pop! Pins

First up, we have a release from Funko Pop! that is both cute and deadly. With a small Summoning Charm, you can grab yourself an evil quartet of pins. Lord Voldemort and Nagini share a pin, while Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape get pins to themselves. You’d better get some chocolate at the ready if you want the final pin in the collection; otherwise, the Dementor it depicts might frighten you! Each of the pins is available for preorder for $14.99.



Universal Orlando Resort Merch

Borgin and Burkes may be a spooky store, but if you dare to visit the creepy emporium at Universal Orlando Resort, you will find some spellbinding bags and wallets. The first of these is a partially transparent backpack, which retails for $65, is covered in a snakeskin-patterned material, and features the Dark Mark and its incantation on the front. If you need somewhere to store your money after a visit to Gringotts, the wallet, available for $28, would be perfect! It has an imprint of the Dark Mark on the front, and it also has the spell’s incantation on the bottom, just in case you want a larger version of the mark. The collection also includes a crossbody bag, which has a long silver chain and a Dark Mark clasp and is available for $45. The final piece of Dark merchandise is a snakeskin-patterned waist bag, which retails for $32 and has Morsmordre printed several times on its strap. If you don’t want to travel to Knockturn Alley yourself, here are some photos of the collection!



Harry Potter LEGO

If the Dark Mark and Death Eaters aren’t your style, we have details about an unrevealed LEGO set that will hopefully be released this year. These details were found on LEGO’s Bricks and Pieces service and can be seen only when the correct set number is typed in. There’s no image of the set yet, but we do know it’s called 30392 Hermione’s Study Desk. It seems like it will be the first Harry Potter polybag set that doesn’t feature Harry himself. We don’t have much else to tell you about the set currently, but when we get more information, or maybe even an announcement from LEGO, we’ll let you know!

That’s all for this edition of Merch Madness, but let us know what you think about each of these products in the comments below, and keep checking back for more magical merch!


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