Here’s What We’d Like to See in “Hogwarts Legacy”

Many Harry Potter games have come and gone throughout the years, but it might be safe to say that the excitement has never been as high as it is for the release of Hogwarts Legacy. Its release might have been delayed until 2022, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited. In fact, it gives developers more time to create an amazing game, and we get to daydream and speculate about what to expect for a little bit longer.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the game will have trans-inclusive character customizations, which is great news and leaves us hopeful that it will come with many more pleasant surprises. Game Rant and Gameranx recently published a discussion about what the game might (and should) include, and it looks very exciting. Here’s what we’d like to see in Hogwarts Legacy.


Slytherin as a House with Moral Depth

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Slytherin is seen as the Hogwarts House that produces Dark wizards, but we know that this stereotype is not correct. It would be great if Hogwarts Legacy could smash this stereotype and give Slytherin more moral depth instead of making it the default evil route. Seeing some heroes show up in Slytherin would make for a very interesting story line. In fact, we’d love to see the other less-talked-about Houses like Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff be represented in more detail as well.


Our Favorite Famous Ghosts

Let’s be honest – Hogwarts wouldn’t be the same without its ghostly inhabitants, and we’d love to see the popular House ghosts make an appearance in the game. Of course, some ghosts don’t fit the game’s timeline. It is set in the late 1800s, which means some of the familiar ghosts in the book, like Moaning Myrtle, won’t be present. Professor Cuthbert Binns, the history teacher who famously bored his students even after his death, also might not make an appearance since it’s not exactly clear when he died.


Hogwarts Inhabitants Positioned as Guides or Obstacles

One character we would most certainly love to see in the game is Peeves the Poltergeist. Since he was never included in the films, it would only be fair to include him in Hogwarts Legacy. He could serve as an obstacle creator to hinder players from reaching their goals, being the mischief-loving spirit that he is. The Hogwarts ghosts could serve as quest givers to guide players of their respective Houses, much like Nearly-Headless-Nick helped out Harry and his friends with sound advice a few times. The possibilities are endless.


A Choice Between Good and Evil

The Hogwarts Legacy trailer strongly suggests that the game involves a morality system. It would be very realistic if the game allows players to choose what kind of magic they wish to practice – whether that’s sticking to what’s taught in the classroom or dabbling in the Dark Arts after hours. It would, of course, not make sense for the game to allow players to become more powerful Dark wizards than those they are up against in the game, but what could work well is players being able to create a network at Hogwarts where they exercise power over another group of students and perhaps even intimidate them into joining their ranks. Think of how Draco Malfoy bullied some of his fellow students with Crabbe and Goyle by his side. The game could allow players to control a portion of Hogwarts, and they could be rivaled by groups similar to Harry and his friends.


The Opportunity to Choose Your Own Path

It would be incredibly fun and interesting to have the opportunity to choose whether your character is drawn to the Dark Arts or not, instead of the game determining it beforehand. Part of living in the wizarding world is facing temptation, and that temptation often comes in the form of power achieved through the use of the Dark Arts. It would be a shame if this choice is not presented to players. If players can choose what to do with their knowledge of the Dark Arts, it could present plenty of character development opportunities that will lead to a more realistic experience.


What would you like to see in Hogwarts Legacy? Tell us in the comments.


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