Hogwarts Express Enamel Pin Celebrates Harry’s First Trip to Hogwarts

It’s been a long time since a young Harry Potter took his first train ride to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. To celebrate such an extraordinary trip, Wizarding World Digital released the Back to Hogwarts Enamel Pin from its Pin Seeking collection. On top of that, it’s been 20 years since the release of the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which is where moviegoers saw this experience firsthand. Yet another reason to celebrate.

The pin features a front-facing imagine of the Hogwarts Express leaving King’s Cross station with a billowing cloud of smoke rising from the engine. Below the bright-red and black engine car are puffs of steam, and it all seems to sparkle just perfectly. In the cloud of smoke above the engine, “2021” is printed in gold, and “Back to Hogwarts” can be read along the bottom of the pin.


The Back To Hogwarts Enamel Pin is on sale for Harry Potter Fan Club Gold members.


Of course, when you order this commemorative piece, the pin isn’t the only thing you’ll receive.

This highly collectible pin comes mounted on a backing card with an Enchanted Key that can be scanned using the free Harry Potter Fan Club app to unlock hidden surprises and extra details.

Gold members of the Harry Potter Fan Club have early access to purchase the Back to Hogwarts Enamel Pin on August 31. Members of this tier will also have the opportunity to get the pin at 20% off, at £9.56. It’s good to be gold. The general public will be able to purchase the pin starting on September 1 for £11.95.

Do you plan on purchasing this pin to grow your pin collection? Let us know.


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