USQ Releases Rulebook 15

With the new Muggle quidditch season nearing, US Quidditch (USQ) has decided to release a new rulebook for it. This rulebook applies to the 2021–22 season in the United States.

The main difference from the previous rulebook is about changing the size of the pitch. USQ has decided to shorten the length. The pitch is now 52 yards long, and before it was 66 yards. The width of the pitch is still the same. The change of the length affected the areas on the pitch. The area behind the hoops is 11 yards long, while the keeper zone is 5 yards in front of the hoops instead of 6 yards and 10 yards from midfield instead of 12 yards.


There is a infographic with diagram of a Muggle quidditch pitch and its sizes.


In the last rulebooks from both USQ and the International Quidditch Association (IQA), there was a major change in the starting procedure. The players were moved from the keeper zone line to the side of the pitch except for two chasers. USQ added this new starting procedure into USQ Rulebook 14, but now it has decided not to follow it.

We do not yet know if [the] IQA’s proposed startup, or any current suggestions, answer the serious safety concerns of the previous run[-]up. By starting all players with balls in their keeper zone, the potential for head[-]on collisions is significantly reduced. This change also provides the ability for gameplay to start in a way that is not complicated for new and returning players.


There are green hoops on the left and orange hoops on the right. Green and orange players are on the side of pitch; one orange chaser and one green chaser are next to the midline, and there is a bludger between them.


Other changes are about headbeats. USQ clarified the rules to make the procedure on how to determine legality clearer. Headbeating isn’t illegal if the struck player changes speed or direction in the path of a bludger and if it will happen after the possessing beater already started the final motion.

Another new rule is about contact from behind. USQ has decided to allow tackling from behind in specific situations. For example, if the contacting player has both feet planted and there isn’t any substantial forward momentum, the contact from behind is legal.

Those are the changes that were made from Rulebook 14. Some changes from Rulebook 14 were kept, such as placement of the hoops, end game procedure, two-armed contact, third bludger, third yellow, changing the tag up point, or declaring a game suspended.

The online version of USQ Rulebook 15 is already available. The print and e-book will be published later in the fall, as will the USQ casebook. Anyone can suggest a situation for the casebook by filling out the form, the same as with the form for the rulebook suggestions. USQ is also currently looking for additional rules coordinators, who would be volunteers for at least one year on the rules team.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.

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