Merch Madness: House Plushies, “Potter” Figures, and Charming Bracelets

Love may come and go, but Potter merch is forever. We found some great picks to sift through, so keep your eyes open when you’re wandering around Universal Orlando Resort or when you’re looking for good deals online. 


Finds from Universal Orlando Resort

Stationery Sets

There’s no better place for the most magical finds than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. New stationery sets have been spotted among the gift shops at the park, and they are jam-packed with goodies. There are three themes to pick from: Travel Magic, Gryffindor Magic, and Slytherin Magic. Each one holds specific finds and is perfect for the organizer in us all. 


Stationery sets from Universal Orlando Resort hold everything the perfect organizer needs.


The Gryffindor and Slytherin Magic sets contain pencils, bookmarks, stickers, House flags, sticky notes, notebooks, and House patches. The biggest differences between these two, aside from the bright red and green facades, are the facts and insights from the cast and crew of the Potter films. Within the Gryffindor Magic set are “reflections from Daniel Radcliffe,” while the Slytherin Magic set contains “reflections from Tom Felton.” Each book can be found at Universal Orlando Resort for $29.


House Wall Art

That’s not all that’s new in the theme park. Wall art is all the rage and is an important step to include in any room redesign. This block-style House wall art can be purchased separately or all together as a set. The House crests have a sleek, modern design to them, and the individual blocks measure about six by six inches. Wall art blocks can be found at Universal Orlando Resort for $24 each.


Hufflepuff wall art depicts the Hufflepuff House crest in a new modern design.


Hogwarts House Plush Mascots

No collection is complete without some kind of plushie. Since the school year is starting soon anyway, it may be wise to stock up and show your House pride. Four plush mascots are now available from Universal Orlando Resort. They are a little cartoonish and maybe a bit silly-looking, but we don’t really mind. Obviously, there’s a plush for each House: the brave little lion for Gryffindor, the wise eagle for Ravenclaw, the loyal badger for Hufflepuff, and the cunning yet innocent-looking snake for Slytherin. Each one is up for grabs for $25. Perhaps they would make for a good companion to the school Quidditch game. 


All four House animals are in plush form, the lion, eagle, badger, and snake.


New Arrivals from Alex and Ani

Perhaps the wearable merchandise is more your speed. Alex and Ani has new arrivals for stylish fans. Six new bangles and one necklace are now available online, each with its own unique look. With finishes in gold, silver, and rose gold, you’ll have the charm to suit any outfit or occasion. Be a little mischievous with a Cornish pixie or Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezers charms. Mix and match the Quidditch necklace and bangle bracelets. Or show off your love for Diagon Alley with the Gringotts Bank and Honeydukes bangles. These new arrivals start at $39 and are on sale from Alex and Ani.



Hallmark Figurines

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and Hallmark does Christmas better than anything else. Maybe it’s about time you started looking for the perfect gift for the Potter fan in your life. Three standee-style figures and a snow globe have hit the virtual shelves on Hallmark’s website. The figurines include Harry as a first-year student, Snape as his normal dark and dapper self, Dumbledore with Fawkes, and the golden trio sitting atop the Ukranian Ironbelly dragon. The figures start at $64.99 and are on sale now, just in time for pre-holiday shopping.



That’s all we have for you today! Come back for more merch finds. Do you see anything here that’s going on your holiday shopping list? 


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