Drarry Incorrect Quotes That Give Me Life – Part 1

Shipping Drarry in the Potter fandom is a bloody menace, isn’t it? There’s the whole “illicit affair” part thanks to their respective allegiances, but there’s also loads of fan fiction and fan art depicting the hilariously witty and sarcastic banter and mischievous escapades those two are bound to have.

After binging The Good Doctor all day, I hopped onto Tumblr and obsessively searched – ahem, came across – some incorrect quotes about my favorite Slytherin/Gryffindor couple that had me laughing like a madwoman. Being the lonely person I am, I’m sending them forward to everyone who needs their daily dose of serotonin in the hopes that you’ll be my new friends.


Drarry Incorrect Quotes image 1






This is exactly how I picture their first Christmas together – Draco being so full of himself and Harry’s just so exasperated because of it, but he loves him because how can you not?









Ron’s teasing and being a supportive friend, even though he still thinks of Draco as an annoying ferret, is just friendship goals. Excuse me while I go try and order a Ron.



I would like to scream and faint with Pansy Parkinson, please.



Sirius is my long lost-twin (who, apparently, shares my single brain cell), and no one can tell me otherwise. Also, I can’t get the image of Walburga shrieking her head off. Cheers.



Hah! Draco’s not the only forgetful prat that loves lazing around all day in bed, and I’d gladly scooch over if he wants some company.



Harry is the king of sass, and no one can tell me otherwise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hilariously amusing Drarry content. Trust me when I say that you’ll find yourself scrolling through Tumblr for hours on end and be convinced that no, it was most definitely not a waste of time.


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