Harry Potter Fan Club Releases Hermione Granger Essentials Pin Set

We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with the Harry Potter Fan Club’s Pin Seeking collection. In July, Wizarding World Digital dropped the Albus Dumbledore Essentials pin set, and you’ll be excited to hear that it just released the Hermione Granger Essentials pin set. Yes, you can now own your favorite witch’s most prized possessions in pin form.

This set includes six pins that represent some of Hermione’s most iconic possessions: From the Time-Turner to her unique wand, you’ll find something to love in this set. These limited-edition pins are definitely a must-have for every Potterhead out there. Let’s have a look at what you’ll get.


Beaded Bag Pin

This famous little bag saved the day more than once. Hermione placed an Extension Charm on it so it could hold a seemingly infinite amount of items, including a large tent and several books.


Beaded Bag Pin



Stacked Books Pin

This pin boasts the famous words Hermione spoke to Harry right before he faced Lord Voldemort in his first year.


Stacked Books with Quote Pin



Crookshanks Pin

We love this Crookshanks pin complete with Hermione’s reply to Ron after he commented on her purchase of the cat. As we all know, Ron did most definitely not agree with the statement that Crookshanks is gorgeous.


Crookshanks Pin



Hermione’s Wand Pin

This beautiful pin represents Hermione’s wand beautifully and will definitely add a touch of magic to any item you choose to pin it to.


Hermione's Wand Pin



Time-Turner Inscription Pin

This pin features the words that are inscribed on every Time-Turner in the wizarding world.



Time Turner Quote Pin



Wingardium Leviosa Pin

This is another classic, featuring Hermione’s famous correction of Ron’s mispronunciation of the incantation Wingardium Leviosa. We bet Hermione is happy that this one made it into the mix.



Wingardium Leviosa Quote Pin



We’d like to think that Hermione would be pleased with the number of quotes included in this set. She does love to memorize things, after all, and we think the quotes on the pins reflect that.

If you’re already rushing to buy your set, look out for the secret code inside the box with a scannable Enchanted Key that will unlock surprise content about this pin set on the Harry Potter Fan Club app. Head over to the Harry Potter Shop to grab these pins now.


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