Social Media Roundup: “Not Slytherin, Not Slytherin…”

Welcome back to another edition of MuggleNet’s Social Media Roundup. It’s time to catch up with some of your favorite Wizarding World stars about their adventures during the last two weeks, from rehearsals and behind-the-scenes fun to campaigning for the climate and considering what it means to be a Gryffindor.

Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) has set off on a European adventure with The Magical Music of Harry Potter – Live in Concert. He shared a short behind-the-scenes video from rehearsals on his Twitter and reminded fans that they can head to his website to see which stops on the tour he will appear in.



Claudia Kim (Nagini) also gave her followers a look behind the scenes when she posted a photo from the set of her new show, Chimera.



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Jessica Williams (Professor Eulalie Hicks) shared a behind-the-scenes photoshoot appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Williams was chatting to Jimmy Kimmel about Season 2 of her romantic comedy series, Love Life.



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Giving her followers a look into the process of live podcasting – well, sort of – was Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown). Cave and her sister, Bebe, hosted three live recordings of their podcast, We Can’t Talk About That Right Now, at Soho Square in London.



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Audio adventures were also the subject of Evanna Lynch’s Instagram. She shared a snippet of the audiobook for her memoir, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting: The Tragedy and the Glory of Growing Up.



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Speaking of books, Emma Watson was celebrating the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) by resuming her Book Fairy duties. Emma hid some of her favorite books that focus on climate change in locations around Glasgow, the city hosting the conference.



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After recently reminding the world that he is a lion at heart, Tom Felton and his dog, Willow, are fully committed to the Gryffindor life. Tom even went as far as donning a pair of glasses and drawing a scar on his forehead to complete his Harry Potter look.



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Tom further committed to the Gryffindor life by revealing that he always wanted to be a Weasley.



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He wasn’t the only one reminiscing. Gary Oldman shared a photo of the shoes he wore as Sirius Black in the movies to celebrate his character’s birthday.



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Away from all the Potter reminiscing, Ellie Darcey-Alden (young Lily Potter) has been spending some time in New York City recently.  She shared a photo from Times Square with her followers.



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James Phelps (Fred Weasley) put a call out on Twitter for listeners’ stories ahead of the new season of his podcast, Normal Not Normal, which he hosts with his brother, Oliver (George Weasley).



Bonnie Wright’s jam club has a released new flavor this month. She celebrated by posting a photo of what looks like a perfect way to enjoy the preserve, which is on toast for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Bonnie was joined by a feline friend, but any magical creature will make a perfect breakfast companion (just keep an eye on the teaspoons if you’re dining with a Niffler).



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Speaking of enjoying food, Afshan Azad (Padma Patil) shared a funny moment from her recent trip to London that we can definitely relate to.



And that’s it for this edition of Social Media Roundup! Check back in two weeks’ time to see what the stars of the Wizarding World have been up to.


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