Belfast Family Upcycles Old Luggage Trolley to Create Very Own Platform Nine and Three-Quarters Entrance

When you’re in doubt about what to do with an old item that’s been lying around, turning it into a homemade Potter product is always good fun. One family from the Belfast, Ireland, area did just that with a rundown luggage trolley from Belfast International Airport.

As a way to bring a little life to their back garden, a local family made a request to Belfast International Airport to see if they had any spare trolleys lying around. The airport, having about 700 of the luggage-carrying contraptions out for recycling, was more than happy to oblige. A representative of the airport had this to say about the unique inquiry:

As part of our Corporate Responsibility policy, most of our damaged baggage trollies get repaired or recycled for parts, but fortunate timing allowed for one of our irreparable trollies to be recycled in a completely different way!


Belfast family redesigns an old trolley to look like it's disappearing through their back garden wall.


The family who made the request retired the trolley to their back garden. It now resembles famed scenes from throughout the Harry Potter films that show characters pushing their carts through the magical wall at King’s Cross station to platform nine and three-quarters. With a few stacked suitcases, a little stuffed Hedwig plushie, and their own Hogwarts robes, this family is ready for another term at Hogwarts. They even hung a “Platform 9 3/4” sign right above where the trolley is stationed to get the full effect.

The Belfast International Airport representative said that while they don’t have enough spare trolleys to go around to every Harry Potter fan looking to spice up their home’s sidewalls, they were happy to lend a hand in this instance.


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