Lockhart’s Self-Care Morning Routine

In recent months, one personality has exploded onto the wizarding world space of wellness and self-care. While this wizard may surprise you, given his reputation for his work in Defence Against the Dark Arts and his briefly explosive series of books, his new direction in the area of self-care has been widely talked about from Witch Weekly all the way here to MuggleNet.com. We are, of course, talking about none other than Gilderoy Lockhart. After an exclusive interview with the man himself, we’ve put together some of his top tips for a self-care morning routine. Let’s see what he has to say.



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1. Waking Up When You’re Ready

According to Gilderoy Lockhart, waking up at whatever time your body is ready is one of the simplest self-care techniques one can add to their morning routine. He’s even talked about writing a book about the subject. He says he enjoys nothing better than slowly waking in the morning, no matter if it’s 6 a.m. or 11 a.m.

I never bother with alarms. Frankly, they’re the bane of our existence, both in the wizarding world and Muggle world”.

When asked if this quite unorthodox practice gets in the way of his work and day-to-day life, Lockhart waves his hand dismissively, saying, “We need to stop thinking of time as a set construct. Personally, I think a lot of this self-care comes down to putting yourself first. Everyone should just respect that.”


2. Meditation… in a Bubble Bath

As if waking up at any time of the morning is not enough luxury, Lockhart reveals that his next step in the morning is a meditation, but always while in a bubble bath.

I was one of those people who find it almost impossible to meditate. But now, I absolutely swear by it. If I don’t have my morning bubble bath to clear my head, I find my mind is all foggy and jumbled all day. The size of the tub and bubbles absolutely makes a difference as well”.

Apparently, Lockhart’s favorite bath scents are lilac and seafoam with a citrus mist that he will spray while soaking in the tub.




3. Let Your Clothes Set Your Day

Much to his dismay, Gilderoy’s fashion tips have not captured the wizarding world as his prized smile once did. However, that hasn’t stopped him from realizing that clothes can make or break a day. According to Lockhart, picking out an outfit in the morning will set the tone of the day and decide what that day will contain.

I almost didn’t turn up to this interview, to tell the truth, but then I remembered I have these amazing lilac robes that were perfect for the occasion. Crisis averted”!




4. Get Someone to Make your Favorite Breakfast

While Lockhart agrees that breakfast is an essential meal of the day, he has a unique perspective on how you should approach breakfast for optimal self-care.

I have a policy of not making my own breakfast, and it works wonders for my stress. Why put yourself through the daily dangers of toasters, dishwashers, and stovetops? Getting somebody else to make your favorite breakfast is a lovely way to gain some peace and quiet in the morning, and connect with somebody at the same time”.

While we admit that making blueberry waffles for Gilderoy Lockhart was a fun diversion, it’s not really what we’re are qualified for.


5. Connect with Others

Lockhart has struck on some ancient wisdom and brought it into the 21st century when he reveals that the most meaningful part of his morning routine is connecting with others. Gilderoy spends his mornings answering fan mail, which he says is a deeply reflective practice.

People still send me tonnes of lovely letters you know, so I like to sit down each morning and answer a few – it makes me feel connected to the world in a really deep and meaningful way”.




In the end, Lockhart believes his morning routine is the perfect one out there to create a relaxing and self-satisfying morning experience. He says he is planning to elaborate on his self-care lifestyle in an upcoming book: The Life-Changing Magic of Being Me: Tidying Up Your Life with Gilderoy Lockhart.

Disclaimer: Gilderoy Lockhart is not endorsed by MuggleNet.com, and any opinions, advice, or tips shared in this article should be carefully considered on an individual basis before being enacted. Side effects of this routine may include isolating yourself from all your friends, becoming increasingly self-absorbed and detached from the real world.


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