Seven Reasons Why Nerdy Ink’s “Harry Potter” Dust Jackets Are the Perfect Gift

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Looking for the perfect gift for the Harry Potter nerd in your life? Nerdy Ink might be just what you are looking for. Nerdy Ink started in the Summer of 2015 when the owners created a subscription box called Nerdy Post. In January of 2020, they ended the subscription boxes and focused on individual products instead. This also allowed customers to pick and choose their favorite items.

Nerdy Ink is a family-owned business run by Alexis, her husband, and their two young daughters. They strive to create a friendly and uplifting environment where each customer can safely express their nerdiest self. Nerdy Ink’s dust jackets are hand-lettered and illustrated and can only be found on the site itself. The Harry Potter dust jacket set includes all seven dust jackets that fit the Scholastic US hardback set. They are made of 200 GSM matte paper and have scored fold lines for easy folding. These dust jackets are sure to make you a hero in your favorite Potterhead’s eyes – and here are seven reasons why.


Nerdy Ink (All Jackets)



Collectors will love it.

These dust jackets make a great gift for book collectors who like to obtain multiple copies of the series. Potterheads with an affinity for collecting different versions of the Harry Potter series will adore these unique dust jackets that contain quotes as well as several illustrations that represent each book. Book collectors will appreciate your knowledge of their passion.




You can support a small business.

By buying from Nerdy Ink, you are supporting a small, family-owned business. Small businesses always need the support, so why not invest in one while also buying an obsession-worthy gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life?




They are unique – not mainstream.

These jackets are sold exclusively on Nerdy Ink. This guarantees you will be buying something that not a lot of Harry Potter fans will have. The hand-lettering and illustration provide a unique design that isn’t sold everywhere. The overall layout of the dust jackets is something we have not seen replicated anywhere. Lovers of having something original will appreciate this fresh take on their favorite magical story.




There are different depictions of the characters (and more of them!).

These jackets provide a more diverse showing of the book characters, including a fresh look at Hermione. These jackets also show more characters than the original covers, including Ginny, Hagrid, Molly, and Draco. With more diverse representation, these Nerdy Ink jackets have something for everyone.




Spot the fun Easter eggs.

Nerdy Ink’s dust jackets provide fun Easter eggs for lovers of the stories within. This includes a look at a mandrake and a Howler on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as well as two Horcruxes on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Also, every book comes with a symbol on the spine that also gives a fun Easter egg for the story inside. With plenty of details to decipher on each cover, the jackets create a fun overall look at the magic waiting in the books.




They’re more sophisticated for the adult home.

These fresh covers are a fun display piece for those who grew up with the story. Instead of the traditional covers with simple designs, these give more of an artistic concept of the story. Nerdy Ink’s Harry Potter dust jackets make a great addition to any book lover’s shelves with their fun spine designs aside from only the book title. Grown-up Harry Potter lovers will adore this more mature take on the covers.




Fan art lovers will adore them.

Fan art admirers will love the artistic take and hand-lettering on these jackets. The hand-lettering of the quotes on the back jackets adds some extra fun. They will also enjoy the different takes on the illustrations of the characters. These jackets could become inspirational to the fan art lover in your life. We know they will appreciate the unique take on the illustrations!





These book jackets could even be decorative pieces for wall art. You can fold the ends in and lay them flat in frames for display and show off the unique detailing. They not only make a beautiful display on bookshelves, but they could also become your favorite wall decor! Hang them with your fan art and admire the pops of color and aesthetically pleasing designs.


Have we convinced you that these are the perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life? You can purchase the dust jackets directly from the Nerdy Ink website. We also have a special code exclusive for MuggleNet readers. Use code MUGGLEFREESHIP to get free shipping on any order. While you’re there, take a look at some of the other series they offer dust jackets for and turn your entire bookshelf into a work of art. 


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