A Fantastic Fan Event: Details Announced for Special “Secrets of Dumbledore” IMAX Screening

It’s been over three years since we’ve visited the wizarding world and traveled alongside Newt Scamander and his menagerie of fabulous creatures. Thankfully, the wait is coming to an end because Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will finally be hitting theaters in April. It’s just a few more agonizing weeks before we can finally uncover the mysteries surrounding our favorite Hogwarts headmaster. However, we’re learning that for a few select theaters in North America, the wait could be over sooner than everywhere else. Warner Bros. has recently announced a special early screening of Secrets of Dumbledore.

On April 6, two days before the United Kingdom’s release date, fans living in and around ten specific places will be able to attend a magical fan event that features an early IMAX screening of Secrets of Dumbledore. Seeing the film that early on a giant Engorgioed IMAX screen is a treat in itself, but the event will also include a livestreamed Q&A session with members of the cast, prizes, and photo opportunities. This event is going to be so memorable that there won’t be a Memory Charm powerful enough to erase it. Tickets are on sale now, and they’ll likely sell out, so you better grab them before they’re gone.


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The Secrets of Dumbledore IMAX FANtastic Event will take place in the following locations: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto.

If you don’t live near any of those metropolises, you can still take part in the festivities. Warner Bros. will be holding the world premiere of Secrets of Dumbledore on March 29 in London, and it looks like the guest list has been virtually extended to the entire Internet. The world premiere will be livestreamed on Facebook Live and YouTube starting at 5:30 p.m. BST (12:30 p.m. ET) this Tuesday and is expected to feature clips from the new flick along with interviews with the cast and crew in attendance. It’s quite amazing that we can still feel like we’re part of the magic through the magic of the Internet.



Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore hits theaters in the United States on April 15.

Will you be going to the FANtastic IMAX screening? Who do you suppose will be attending the live Q&A session? Let us know in the comments. If you attend the screening and share some photos, please be sure to tag us on Instagram.


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