Chester Zoo Names First-Ever Aardvark Calf After House-Elf

The first-ever aardvark calf born at Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, has been named after one of our favorite house-elves from the Harry Potter series. This is the second baby animal of the year to be named after a character or creature from the franchise.

The aardvark calf, found by staff on January 4 and announced by the zoo on February 11, was immediately nicknamed Dobby by zoo staff.

As soon as we spotted the new baby next to mum, we noticed its uncanny resemblance to the ‘Harry Potter’ character, Dobby, and so that’s the calf’s nickname for the time being!

We agree that the calf has a strong resemblance to our favorite house-elf.


Dobby the aardvark calf (Credit: Chester Zoo)


The aardvark calf has a similar ear size and nose length to Dobby, and they have the same creases on their foreheads. Though the calf’s eyes aren’t quite as large as Dobby’s, they are just as bright and full of life.



A week after the calf’s introduction, additional information was released by Chester Zoo announcing Dobby as a girl. Dobby the house-elf is male, but we’re excited to see a female Dobby out in the world.



Dave White, the team manager, has been taking care of Dobby in the evenings while her mom, Oni, eats and explores.  This is to help Dobby grow strong and protect her from being bumped by Oni.

In the evening, when the parents are out exploring and feeding, we carefully place the calf into a special incubator and take it home to feed with warm milk every few hours. The calf then spends the daytime bonding and snuggled up with mum Oni inside her burrow – and they’re both doing great together.

We’re happy to hear the calf and mom are doing well and that Dobby is continuing to thrive.


Dobby the aardvark calf with mom Oni (Credit: Chester Zoo)


Do you see the resemblance between Dobby the aardvark calf and Dobby the house-elf?


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