Evanna Lynch Launches New Podcast with Dr. Melanie Joy

Harry Potter actress and animal rights activist Evanna Lynch has joined up with award-winning psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Melanie Joy to launch their own podcast.

Titled Just Beings, the podcast explores harmful and unjust behaviors and the common psychology that drives such actions. Lynch and Joy are joined by changemakers to discuss “how to shift our thinking to create a better world for people, animals, and the planet” while, at the same time, improving our own personal lives and relationships.


"Just Beings" with Evanna Lynch and Dr. Melanie Joy

“Just Beings” with Evanna Lynch and Dr. Melanie Joy (Credit: “Just Beings”)


They will discuss the issues in the world and how you can change the way you think and become part of the solution while acknowledging that our world is not perfect; it is messy, but we can all have a part to play in being more just.

The first two episodes have already been released, with the first titled “Evanna Lynch and Melanie Joy on Just Beings.”

In this episode, Evanna and Melanie kick off the show with an intimate conversation in which they recall how they bonded over their shared solutionary approach to addressing injustice, highlight the importance of striking the right balance between personal development and social impact, and discuss why the conversations they’ll be having on the show are so needed at this moment in time. They also introduce the formula for healthy relating—and explore how we can all begin practicing this formula in our everyday lives in order to work toward a more just world.

The second episode features Lily Cole, fashion icon and environmental advocate, who discussed her new book, Who Cares Wins, alongside solutions to the environmental crisis, the climate movement, and more.

An upcoming guest that Potter fans should listen out for is Lynch’s fellow Harry Potter actress and activist Bonnie Wright, who is the author of Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet. In the episode, they will share ways you can take action for the environment, the link between ocean health and our own, and their love for their Harry Potter characters.

You can catch up on Just Beings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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