Announcements Galore in the Back to Hogwarts 2022 – A Look Ahead Livestream

Hold on to your (wizard) hat – the “Back to Hogwarts 2002 – A Look Ahead” livestream has just finished up, and there was news aplenty. Presenter Vick Hope was on hand from the Palace Theatre, home of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, to guide fans through each magical announcement. So without further ado, let’s delve into what’s coming up from the Wizarding World.


Hogwarts Legacy

It wouldn’t be a Wizarding World event without a Hogwarts Legacy update. Here, we got to see more gameplay of Hogwarts common rooms and found out that the ruins depicted in the Universal Orlando Resort attraction Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorcycle Adventure will be fully explorable in the game. Furthermore, connecting your Harry Potter Fan Club account to your Hogwarts Legacy profile will allow you to import your House and wand to your character.





Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand

After teasing the Magic Caster Wands, the Back to Hogwarts 2022 livestream presented more detail on what exactly these wands can do. Using Magic Caster Wands with the accompanying app, fans can duel with friends. Connecting the wands to smart devices, such as smart speakers, will also allow fans to bring the magic into their homes.




Harry Potter: The Exhibition

In addition to reminding us that Harry Potter: The Exhibition will open in Vienna later this year, it was announced that the next location in the United States would be Atlanta, Georgia.




Harry Potter: Magic at Play

Sticking with experiences for fans, we got more information about Harry Potter: Magic at Play. It was confirmed that this interactive experience will tour other US cities after its stay in Chicago and will be expanded internationally.




Harry Potter: A Yule Ball Celebration

We’ve always wanted to go to the Yule Ball and dance the night away, and this winter, we can! This newly announced event appears to be the experience that was trialed in Montreal earlier this year. According to the tweet, the celebration will “make its premiere in multiple cities worldwide, including Milan, Mexico City, Montreal and Houston.”




Wizarding World Festival 2023

The biggest piece of news is that there will be a Wizarding World festival heading to the United States in 2023. Billed as a weekend for “the global fan community [to come] together to celebrate the Wizarding World,” there is little else known about the festival at this moment other than the suggestion that there will be “talent, and more!” Sign up at the official Wizarding World Festival website to get updates straight to your inbox.




Wow! We need a butterbeer and a lie down after all that excitement. Rewatch the “Back to Hogwarts 2022 – A Look Ahead” livestream below and let us know what you’re most excited about.



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