“Potter” Magic Comes to West Yorkshire: A Hospital Gets a Magical Touch, and a Mystical Store Is Opening in Halifax

West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom just got a whole lot more magical for Potterheads. Not only has the county’s Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust added a special wizarding world touch to the Children’s Assessment Unit at Pinderfields Hospital, but a new unofficial Harry Potter store is also set to open in Halifax.

Little witches and wizards who need to spend time at Pinderfields Hospital will now be able to experience a touch of magic as they enter the children’s ward. The ward, which previously didn’t have a number, has now been assigned the same number as that of the magical platform where Hogwarts students board the train to school. Anyone looking for the children’s ward now need only search for the number 9 3/4 to find their way.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust took to Facebook to announce the news and warned magical folk that the children’s ward is not a portal to the Hogwarts Express.

Please note: we have been informed that there is no portal to the wizarding world via the CAU, so please, if you are magical, don’t run at our wall.




In other exciting news, a new Harry Potter-inspired store is set to open in the Halifax town center. Flockitt and Broom will provide witches and wizards with all the Harry Potter merchandise their hearts desire and is described as a magical supplies store. The store’s owner, John Fellows, told the Halifax Courier that he’s very excited about the opening.

I love ‘Harry Potter’ and all of the wizarding world stuff. It’s bringing more magic to [t]he Piece Hall, which is already a magical place.




You can check out Flockitt and Broom’s Instagram page for more details on the new store.


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Marica Laing

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