Singaporean Couple Throws Incredible “Potter”-Themed Wedding

Angeline Tan and Alvin Ng may have been standing in front of the Mirror of Erised, but they only had eyes for each other. The Singaporean couple is currently getting attention for their elaborate and enchanting Harry Potter-themed wedding back in December 2021.

Tan, 30, is a self-professed Potterhead, and the wedding theme was her idea. “My husband likes it reasonably enough, but he’s not crazy about it,” she commented about the groom’s fandom level. Regardless, Ng, 31, agreed to make Tan’s dream a reality.

Harry Potter-themed weddings are nothing new. A study in 2021 showed it to be the most popular theme for boards on Pinterest, and fans have shown a lot of creativity in bringing enchantment to every aspect of their own special events. That said, this bride’s commitment to the series certainly brought their nuptials to a whole new level.



A video capturing the festivities shows just how much fun a wedding can conjure. Groomsmen dressed as Death Eaters took part in Quidditch and potions-themed tasks prior to the ceremony, cheered on by bridesmaids in Hogwarts robes. Tan handed Ng the Triwizard Cup as he professed his love, and the bride returned the sentiment with a heartwarming pledge of her own.

Through Malfoy-rich or Weasley-poor, through Felix Felicis or Unforgivable Curses, I will, for better or for worse, make the Unbreakable Vow to stay with you, always, until the very end.

The ceremony itself was filled with iconic Potter imagery, as documented by a recent TikTok clip shared by the bride. “I did my waiting! 20 years of it!” the caption reads. From the enchanted forest scenery to the various props on display, we’d say the wait was well worth it.


@thtange I did my waiting! 20 years of it!#harrypotter #harrypottertiktok #harrypotteredit #harrypottertok #potterhead #potterheads #hptiktok #hpwedding ♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra


The couple did invest some serious Galleons into their special day, reportedly spending between 90,000 and 100,000 SGD (approximately $67,000 to $74,000). The ceremony was held at the picturesque St. Regis Singapore.


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