Nintendo Switch Version of “Hogwarts Legacy” Release Date Moved to November

In the spirit of optimism, we can safely report that Hogwarts Legacy is continuing to be masterful about keeping its fans in suspense. In related news that is less easy to give a cheerful spin, the game’s release for Nintendo Switch has been delayed.

In a brief statement from Hogwarts Legacy‘s official Twitter account, gamers were informed that the Switch version would drop on November 14, 2023, as opposed to the July 25 release date that was originally scheduled. No concrete reason was given for the delay, but it is noted that developers are prioritizing creating a quality experience.



Considering the technical demands of the game, there has been some heavy uncertainty from gamers regarding whether Hogwarts Legacy would even be able to run on earlier-generation consoles. An article from Forbes commenting on this new release date notes that most games of this magnitude come to Nintendo Switch via “some sort of streaming cloud version,” with the author speculating that this latest delay, which amounts to a whopping six more months of waiting, is due to the developers attempting to run the game on the hardware instead.

While Switch gamers will have to wait a bit longer, Hogwarts Legacy is available worldwide on other platforms. You can find the game versions digitally and in stores for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S, as well as the most recently released versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.