Expected Names Revealed for Wizarding World Attractions at Epic Universe

There’s news about Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe, which is slated for opening in the summer of 2025. Warner Bros. submitted patent applications in November for what seem to be the names of the park’s Wizarding World attractions. These 11 names are mostly centered around the Paris setting of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Of course, they are not guaranteed to be the final names of any of the attractions.

The first name is simply Ministry of Magic, and according to Orlando Park Stop, this is expected to be the name of the overall land within Epic Universe, like Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida.

Two of the names are likely for the big attractions: Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry is expected to be the land’s main ride, a tracked dark ride based on the British Ministry of Magic, while Le Cirque Arcanus will be a live stage show based on the magical Parisien circus featured in Crimes of Grindelwald.



Four names have been filed for food and beverage service. Café l’Air de la Sirène and Le Gobelet Noir are expected to be quick-service restaurants. Patisserie Matagot will be a bakery named after the creatures that guard the French Ministry of Magic, and Bar Moonshine will be a small bar, similar to the Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade.

The last four names have been filed as retail services. Tour en Floo is expected to be the shop at the exit of Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry, in keeping with the Floo Network aspect of the ride that will transport visitors from London to Paris. Les Galeries Mirifiques will be another general retail store. Mademoiselle Malkin’s will be a clothing store, perhaps a subsidiary of Madam Malkin’s in Diagon Alley. And Cosme Acajor Baguettes Magique will likely be the land’s wand shop, with “baguette magique” being the French translation of “wand.”

According to Orlando Park Stop, there is also expected to be a candy store named K. Rammelle, though a patent for this has not yet been filed.

The layout of the attractions in the land has also been mapped out in the diagram below. Additionally, there is rumored to be a Great Hall expansion in the works, in the area indicated in the second diagram. This was reportedly previously planned to be a VR broom ride involving Newt Scamander and magical creatures in Paris before those plans were scrapped. If the Great Hall rumor is true, this may end up being a dinner theater experience similar to the special dinners hosted at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London


diagram showing layout of expected Wizarding World attractions in Epic Universe

Source: Orlando Park Stop


diagram showing rumored Great Hall expansion within Epic Universe's Wizarding World

Source: Orlando Park Stop


Aerial photos from @bioreconstruct on Twitter also give us updates on how construction is coming along.

Meanwhile, Universal has officially announced two hotels that are being constructed in Epic Universe, adding to the eight existing Universal Orlando Resort hotels, five of which have been built in the last ten years. Universal Stella Nova Resort will open on January 21, 2025, and Universal Terra Luna Resort will open on February 25, 2025. Both are themed around planets, stars, and other space phenomena, and each is planned to have 750 rooms.

Reportedly, there will be a third hotel that has not yet been announced, called Universal Helios Grand Hotel, which will have 500 rooms.

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