Helena Bonham Carter Discusses “Harry Potter” TV Reboot and Miriam Margolyes’s Recent “Potter” Comments

Loved by fans for her portrayal of the evil Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films, Helena Bonham Carter has discussed her Potter character in a new interview with Bustle and given her thoughts on Miriam Margolyes’s (Professor Sprout) controversial opinion of adult Harry Potter fans.

Discussing whether it is more fun to play a hero or a villain, Bonham Carter said she believes “you can have fun playing baddies.”

With Bellatrix, I knew I had to have fun because I wanted to make her appeal to children, in a sense, so I made it a sort of arrested development. Somebody who just hadn’t really grown up and was really naughty.

She also confessed that her version of Bellatrix wasn’t entirely taken from the Harry Potter books.

She wasn’t really there on the page — certainly her actions and what she did, but not in description and the childlike aspect. There were lots of ingredients that I just infused in her, basically because I was really bored. I’d just had a child, and this was my only part, and I just threw everything at it.


Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange in "Deathly Hallows: Part 2"


With the announcement of the Harry Potter TV reboot last year, and the news that writers have begun to pitch their ideas for the TV show, many fans are wondering which actors might be cast to play the franchise’s much-loved characters. When asked whether she would take on the role of Bellatrix again if she was approached by those developing the show, Bonham Carter wasn’t so sure.

I don’t think they’ll come near me since I’m in the original one, but never say never.

She does, however, think that whoever is cast to play Voldemort’s loyal Death Eater should go in a “completely different direction” to the one she went in with Lestrange, stating that the next actor could consider playing a version of Bellatrix that is closer to the character we meet in the books.

Bonham Carter also briefly spoke about Miriam Margolyes’s recent comments that adult fans of the Potter series should “grow up” and “get over” it because “it’s for children.” These controversial comments have been met with criticism from Potter fans, and when asked whether she agrees with Margolyes’s opinion that Potter is just for children, Bonham Carter said she doesn’t.

I love that woman, and she’s somebody who has a big inner child. I think however old we are, we’ve got to keep that child alive.

We’re glad to hear that Helena is on the side of the Potter fans in this debate!

Who do you think could be a contender for the recasting of Bellatrix in the Harry Potter TV reboot?

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