Original “Harry Potter” Cast Members React to New Max Series – Part 1

With last year’s announcement of the Harry Potter reboot, fans have many questions about the highly anticipated series. Who will play the much-loved characters? What does the original cast from the Harry Potter films think about the show, and would any original cast members consider making an appearance?

We’ve taken a look at some of the original cast members’ reactions below.


Daniel Radcliffe

Of course, we had to start with the original Harry Potter himself, who is “excited” to watch the TV series as a viewer, as he told Variety.

I’ll be able to enjoy it with everyone else possibly, with a slightly different perspective. It’s a nice thing that a whole new generation is going to get introduced to the stories in a new way. They’ll see it as a TV series, so they’ll probably have time to go into all the things. So for the people that were angry about things that were cut from the film, hopefully, they will finally be able to see the full version they wanted. 

Reminiscing about his time on the set of Potter, Daniel described it as “such a safe place to grow up” and hopes this safe environment will be replicated for the TV show’s cast

He was, however, doubtful that he will be asked to join as a cameo. 

It seems to me that they are wanting to make a very fresh series. It feels like it would be distracting to have old, haggard Harry also entering from stage left, so I’m certainly not seeking it out. But I’m very supportive of [the show] happening and wish particularly the kids nothing but the best.


David Yates

As director of the final four Harry Potter films and the Fantastic Beasts films, much of the wizarding world we know and love from the big screen was brought to us by David Yates.


David Yates, director of the last four “Harry Potter” movies, will be honored with the Eva Monley Award by the Locational Managers Guild International.

David Yates and Daniel Radcliffe on the set of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”


Perhaps not surprisingly, Yates has no intention of getting involved with the TV series. 

I could not, in any conceivable way, get involved… I spent a long time at that school, in those corridors and in those classrooms, and it was an exquisite experience and one I will always treasure. But to go back and do another year or two, for me, I feel I’ve left it.

Yates also spoke about the importance of protecting the young cast chosen for the TV series and how this will be much harder to do now than it was for the films because of social media. 

Everyone will have a view and a perspective, and it seems to me, since we finished the [‘Potter’] films ten years ago, the public discourse and the people offering opinions about things has somehow become much more confrontational and aggressive…. That’s the only thing that I would be wary of, is to protect that group and help them through that process because there’ll be a lot of stuff coming at them, and they need to be protected.  

He has wished the show well, stating it’s going to be “amazing” for the next generation to explore the wizarding world in a new way.


Matthew Lewis

While attending a panel at MegaCon, Matt Lewis pondered whom he’d like to play in the Max series.

Gosh, I have no idea. It’s very difficult as well because everyone just did such a wonderful job.

Stating he was “too old” to play Neville again, he decided that based on his reading of the books, he enjoyed the character of Remus Lupin. Lewis then complimented David Thewlis’s portrayal of Lupin in the films, saying he “could never be beaten.” 


David Bradley

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, David Bradley (Argus Filch) joked that he hasn’t “had the call yet” to be in the TV show. He also gave his thoughts on how the series will allow more book content to be included because the films had to “sacrifice quite a lot of plot and characters.”

I’m assuming the reason they’re doing it is they’ll be able to include more of the story because they’ll have more screen time – a lot more than the films had. I’ll be interested. 


Toby Jones

A beloved fan favorite who, despite being CGI, will be hard to replace is Dobby the house-elf. When asked by TheWrap if he would voice the role of Dobby again, Toby Jones responded, “Of course I would. I’m very proud of that. Yeah, yeah, definitely.”




Which of the original Potter actors would you love to see in the TV reboot? The series is aiming for a 2026 premiere, and no casting has been announced yet.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Part 2, where we’ll take a look at more cast members’ thoughts on the Harry Potter TV reboot. 

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