Emma Watson’s Renais Gin Launches in the United States

Renais is a luxury gin founded by Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and her brother Alex Watson in 2023. After establishing a successful presence in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Australia, it is now entering the United States market across 40 states. 

Currently available in over 100 retailers worldwide, the award-winning gin, which won a gold medal at the Gin Masters in 2023, is sustainably distilled from upcycled French wine pressed grapes and paired with natural botanicals.

In celebration of the expansion into the US market, a new campaign video has been released, which was directed by Emma Watson.



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A limited-edition sleeve is also available exclusively to those in the United States, which features Emma’s artwork.


Renais packaging: The limited-edition packaging that is designed by Emma Watson and exclusive to the US (Source: Business Wire).

This limited-edition packaging is designed by Emma Watson and exclusive to the US. (Source: Business Wire)


Emma and Alex’s dad, Chris Watson, is an award-winning winemaker, and he is the only Englishman to hold the highest title in the wine industry: “pilier.”

Chris planted their family vineyard, Domaine Watson, in Chablis, France, almost 30 years ago, and Alex discussed how this family tie is a big part of the making of Renais.

Embracing decades of experience in the beverage industry, we’ve worked hard to turn Renais into a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of Burgundy. We’ve meticulously sourced the finest ingredients, embraced sustainable manufacturing practices and infused our family legacy into every detail possible.

Describing the gin as “distinctive and innovative,” Alex said they “couldn’t be more thrilled” to be introducing it to the US market.

Launching within California’s long-standing heritage in wine-making feels perfect.

With a big emphasis on and commitment to sustainability, Renais is made within a solar-powered distillery and has a carbon-neutral product status. The packaging in which the bottles sit is 100% mycelium-based and compostable.

The name “Renais” comes from the French word “renaissance,” which means to be reborn. This is a clever reference to how the gin is created from upcycled grapes from the winemaking process (including from their family vineyard) and also references the continuation of their family legacy that began with winemaking.

Will you be swapping your butterbeer or firewhisky for a glass of Renais gin? 

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