Drag Acts with True “Harry Potter” Pride

Harry Potter has long had a devoted and creative queer fan base. From Wolfstar to Drarry, fan fiction writers have explored queer wizarding relationships for decades – but that’s not the only way fans show their Potter pride. Here are some drag performers who have been inspired by the wizarding world.


Lady Voldemort



The performer known as Florida Man gives the Dark Lord some glamor as Lady Voldemort. Rocking a sparkly black leotard and thigh-high boots alongside Voldy’s signature pale, bald, noseless look, this queen has taken on the songs of Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Les Misérables. Maybe Voldemort wouldn’t be quite so murderous if he used music as a form of expression.


Professor Umbridge



A social work professor and Potter scholar known as Dr. Brent Satterly in Muggle life, this Umbridge drag persona is the Hogwarts High Inquisitor like you’ve never seen her before. She embraces everything Umbridge rejects, celebrating nonconformity and self-expression through her satirical portrayal of the witch in pink.


Phi Phi O’Hara



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Why take on just one Potter persona when you can be them all? RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Jaremi Carey, also known as Phi Phi O’Hara, had already performed as Bellatrix Lestrange, so the next step was to transform into a different character every day throughout October 2019. She covered the classics, like the trio, but also donned makeup and costumes to become less obvious choices like Dobby, Slughorn, Peter Pettigrew, Narcissa Malfoy, Professor Sprout, the Fat Lady, Madam Hooch, and Madam Maxime.


Le Moo Louisville



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Le Moo in Louisville, Kentucky, hosts a Harry Potter drag brunch several times a year featuring a variety of characters. Recently, performances included Umi Naughty as Dumbledore and Umbridge, Champagne as Hermione and Trelawney, Stevie Dicks as Dobby and Voldemort, Sydni Hampton as Rita Skeeter and Moaning Myrtle, and RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Shuga Cain as Fleur Delacour and Bellatrix Lestrange. These queens ate more than death!


Who is your favorite Harry Potter drag act?