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Announcing the 483rd ½ Wizolympics: Sochi 2014

Dear readers! It is with great pleasure that I announce the beginning of the “Daily Prophet”’s coverage of the 483rd ½ Wizolympics in Sochi, Russia!

I am Barnabas Cuffe, Editor-in-Chief these past twenty-four years at the Prophet – but I am sure you already knew that, didn’t you?

2014 – Year in Review

2014 – Year in Review

  Find our year in review for 2014 here. The Numbers: MuggleNet news posts: 1,981 MuggleNet page views: 9,150,885 MuggleNet was seen in: 216 countries, colonies, and territories by over 2,296,292 individuals during 4,255,909 sessions...