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Fifth Year at Hogwarts

Dear Hermione Granger,

I am currently a fifth year in Hogwarts, and I am absolutely dying of all the work. How did you manage to study all the subjects, because you got 12 owls, right? I am enrolled in 11 subjects as well, and I simply can’t catch up. And, my friends are saying I’m not paying attention. What should I do?

Crazy Caption Contest Main Image

CC #116: Week of January 9, 2005

In this week’s Caption Contest image, Hermione and Harry study hard in Snape’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Read all of the winning captions for this week’s contest now!

The Seven Tasks

by Daniela A narrative detail struck me in the Harry Potter books: Harry is said to have affronted Voldemort five times in five books, but Voldemort was conspicuously absent from Book 3, the PoA....