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Potter DIY: “Alohomora” Key Holder

Do you need a magical place to keep your keys? This Potter DIY is for you. Make your own “Alohomora” key holder so you don’t have to rely on your wand to unlock your doors.

“Alohomora!” Episode 122: “After School Special” – now available!

MuggleNet’s global book club, “Alohomora!”, continues its reread of the “Harry Potter” series. We were just taking a stroll in the charming village of Budleigh Babberton when we remembered an old friend in the area whom we haven’t seen for a while. Join hosts Alison, Michael, and Terrance, along with special guest host and author Victoria Aveyard, as they pay a call to Horace Slughorn in Chapter 4 of “Half-Blood Prince”.

“Alohomora!” Episode 110: “Enter the Dream Team” – now available!

MuggleNet’s global book club, “Alohomora!”, continues its reread of the “Harry Potter” series, Sirius is captured in London, and Harry realizes for the first time that he may need help from the adults. Join Eric, Kristen, Rosie, and special guest author Shelby Bach as they jump “Out of the Fire” in Chapter 32 of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.

“Alohomora!” Episode 99: “Extra Awkward” – now available!

MuggleNet’s global book club, “Alohomora!”, jumps out of bed and into Harry’s dreams on this week’s episode. Join hosts Kat, Michael, and Eric, along with special guest Lindsay Cummings – author of “The Murder Complex” and “The Balance Keepers” – as they “inspect” Chapter 21 of “Order of the Phoenix”, “The Eye of the Snake.”

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