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This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love with a New Character!

February 14 is here again, and we have just the recommendation for how you should spend it. Today is the day that our friends over at CharacTour have launched their brand new social network, dedicated to matching users with new characters from books, film, or television!

CharacTour Brings “Potter” Personality Quiz to the Main Page!

MuggleNet has unveiled a new addition to our main page in the form of a “Potter” personality quiz, powered by CharacTour! While some quizzes may ask, “Do you feel snakey?” or have a degree of randomization to them, our quiz assesses readers using CharacTour’s 5-point, 52-trait system, which you simply must experience for yourself.

Introducing CharacTour, a Matchmaking Site for Books, TV, and Film!

If you’re familiar with MuggleNet’s book review blog, you will know that we often recommend literature outside of the “Harry Potter” series. Reading frequently and critically is a great way to expand the mind, nurture the imagination, or escape the humdrum of everyday life. The act of reading a book for the first time can even be a bit like falling in love, and it is with this in mind that we are proud to introduce CharacTour, an online matchmaking website pairing you, the user, with fictional characters.