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Memories Formed at HP Events

Everyone knows that “Harry Potter” fans are some of the best people in the world. You can walk into a room of strangers at a “Harry Potter” event, and by the time you leave you know most of their names and haven’t spent a minute not having anyone to talk to since you arrived. There’s a certain connection we have all formed with each other through these special books that is really interesting. In light of MuggleNet’s upcoming convention, I thought I would reflect on a few of my favorite memories of interactions I’ve had with other fans at “Potter” events in the past.

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 191 and Halloween Drabble Contest

The halls of Hogwarts are ringing with singing on the latest episode of “AudioFictions”. While a magical suit of armor attempts to recall his lines, the MerMuggles share two brand new tales from inside Hogwarts. Plus, submissions are now open for the fifth annual and final “AudioFictions” Halloween Drabble(ish) Contest! Submit your story, and it could be read aloud by the MerMuggle team on the special Halloween episode of “AudioFictions”!