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Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Professor Flitwick,

What does it take to be a Ravenclaw? The sorting hat described Ravenclaw students as intelligent people who are eager to learn. What happens if you only fit part of the description? For instance you are eager to learn and understand the importance of education but you don’t share the extreme intelligence that other Ravenclaws have. Is Ravenclaw a place where students are eager to learn and take school seriously or is it a place where intelligent and sharp minded people study?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw



when a disillusionment charm is performed..does it work only the person on whom its being performed or on anything this he is holding or is in contact with at the moment of the charm being performed?

Hogwarts Choir

Dear Professor Flitwick,

Does Hogwarts offer a choir? If so, can I join?

Yours sincerely,

Francesca of Hufflepuff

Second Guessing Ravenclaw

Hello professor.

My name is Rose, and I was placed in Ravenclaw on Pottermore. I love the house, and I am glad to be here, but I am curious as to why I was sorted into Ravenclaw. To tell you a bit about myself, I am 16 years old, and a strong student. My hobbies include juggling, listening to music, writing stories, and reading about history. I suppose I second guess Ravenclaw because my test taking ability is not always up to par. I am excellent with exams in class that I study for, but I am not nearly as successful on standardized achievement exams; I have ADHD you see. I would like to stop second guessing myself, and I am hoping that your answer will help me. Thank you for your help! See you in class!


Ravenclaw Quidditch

Professor Flitwick,

OOH! Professor Flitwick, I an very happy to say that I was placed into the house of ravenclaw! I would love to, when I get there of course, to try out for quittich. Please write back saying what spots are open! But, I wouldn’t really like to be a beater though!

See you September first! From,


Studious Ravenclaw

Professor Flitwick,

I thoroughly enjoy your Charms class, and I wish to expand my knowledge on the subject. Can you recommend any extra reading or useful charms not taught in class? I cannot wait to further my knowledge on this subject.

Thank you in advance,

A Studious Ravenclaw

Marauder Charm

Dear Proffessor Flitwick,

I was wondering whether you ever got the chance to teach the Marauders? (Sirius, James, Remus and Peter) if so, who would you say was the most accomplished at charms?

Kindest regards,

Willow L.

Proud Ravenclaw

Dear Professor Flitwick,

I have always fancied you’re house, Ravenclaw. I feel like the sorting hat would place me there. I believe in loyalty, and I will devote myself to everyone that is apart of my life. I have a great talent in poetry, do you think I would be able to inspire others? I desire to make a difference at Hogwarts, and I want to be remembered as noble and honest person. With everything going on in our world today, do you think I would make it under you’re care? Will I be a good leader and show compassion to others such as Cho and Luna did? I just know somehow deep down I am a true and proud Ravenclaw!

I’d love to hear back from you Professor, hopefully soon!!


Proud Ravenclaw