Creators of “Book of Spells” reveal J.K. Rowling input and relation to Pottermore

According to a new article, the creators of the Harry Potter themed Wonderbook: Book of Spells, did an incredible job of maintaining the project’s secrecy for over two years, including Sony’s direct working relationship with author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling.

An interview with art director, Joel Smith and producer of the Wonderbook product, Suzanne Tee revealed fascinating new information:

Especially with anything connected to JK Rowling or the Harry Potter world, the appetite for new products is so strong that when you announced it at E3 I was thinking how come I haven’t heard of that yet? So how long have you guys been working on it?
So we showed J.K. Rowling Wonderbook around two years ago now and it was her idea to create the Book of Spells she thought it would be a natural fit for the technology. The technology has actualy been around for a number of years now maybe 5 years plus I’d say.

How much of an influence and input has JK had on the Book of Spells is it a licence deal or is she there all the time?
She is very much hands on, not only did she come up with the Book of spells but she has written the story, the spells and conundrums but also her and her team have been very hands on with looking at what we have done and signing off on everything. Looking at the characters and locations and making sure they are authentic enough.

So is there any online side to it that you are talking about yet?
Well …am if you have already got an account with the Pottermore website when you start the game you get to link your accounts at the start of the game and the same house you get in the Pottermore website you get in the game.

Read the entire interview right here. Wonderbook: The Book of Spells launches exclusively for PS3 this November.

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