• hg

    Did I understand it correctly? There are only two children characters in the play? So it’s just Albus and one other child?

    • No….

      • Lisa

        Yes, but it says that the children will alternate two roles. So it looks like there are only two child-characters played by several actors.

        • No, 7 actors will play as several people.

        • Ginny Weasley

          Yes, there are seven children alternating two child roles. But there are also other children who will be playing other roles. The wording is rather confusing but if you look at the picture there are more than seven children.

          • Ginny Weasley

            More than seven young adults, I mean. Presumably one of them could be playing James Potter or Hugo Weasley or something.

  • That is a huge cast with not a lot of children.

  • Mary Starfire Wolf Schriver

    Jamie, Noma, and Paul are hideous. Glad I won’t be going to see it. I’ll read the script and let my imagination do it’s job.

    • The film cast were too good looking anyway – Jo said it herself in an interview with Dan. Anyway, if all you’re going to do is complain about how they couldn’t model it around your ideals…

    • Hannah Abbott

      first honest comment I have read on this fiasco . ..

  • DoraNympha

    I wonder if they’ll bring goblins and house elves and other creatures to life, and how they’ll achieve that on stage! (Not that I’ll get a chance to see it but whatever.)

  • LumosAsh

    just looking at the actors I would never spend money on this. . HEY JO try to stay true to your cast. . . this is too too much

    • Ever heard of hair dye and costumes? Anyway, what else do you suggest? We bring the film cast back?

  • Anon

    The play is only a direct sequel to the books and is an indirect sequel to the films, so how the characters looked in the films is completely irrelevant. Also, it’s actually not that relevant how they look in the play because they’re just a visual intrepretation of the characters. It’s the story itself that’s the canon part.

    If the play travels to other countries or runs for years in the UK the cast will change so they won’t continue to look like the current people anyway. If anyone doesn’t like the look of the cast then just read the script and the characters will appear exactly how you always imagined they would from their descriptions in the books.

  • lkcade

    It matters a great deal! They were DESCRIBED in the books as well! The visual when I read is of the actors from the movies not just because they were in the movie, but for the reason they were chosen–because they look like she wrote them! The choices for Ron and Harry are tolerable, but the choice to play Hermione is just like Ben Affleck for Batman.