• O

    Well! For some reason, I’m not that upset. Back in the days with HBP I was about to take to the streets, but not now. Maybe I have more to worry about…? But also, this new movie is a different medium, and this makes sense. This was done with Back To The Future after all (recasting the main character with another actor close to end of production). I’m glad JKR is involved to make it as good as possible. However, if they are cutting the character completely, and not just replacing him, I’m staring to doubt the story. I’m already unconvinced by the new magic in America info we got…

    • O

      Aaah, they got me! Well, now I know how I felt about the movie… not too excited.

  • Anon

    This is a really unconvincing April Fools joke.

  • Okay. This is weak. Must try harder.

  • Grab your pitchforks! man the barricades! send your Howlers!

    … and then look a the calendar. 🙂


    Thanks Keith. The lack of a major prank would be truly disheartening. Keep the Weasley Twins spirit alive!!

  • Maya

    I got really angry and then I started laughing

  • Bob

    This is the second time that Mugglenet actually made me believe in an April Fool’s joke. Such is the level of trust I place in this website. The last time it happened several years ago when they announced that Jo was writing a prequel series based around a character named Elvindork, and that that one-page short story of Sirius and James being chased by Muggle police was a teaser of that prequel series. I was extremely angry when I realized the truth about that. I had even spread the news on fb!

  • Jess!

    I just spent 10 days believing this. I’m so gullible 😛

    • Jillian

      I just spent 3 months believing this. Guess how I feel. *cries internally*