Evanna and Keo Are Anything But “Tangled” Up by Disney Week!

Despite having one of the highest scores at the end of Week 3, Evanna and Keo were in jeopardy at the end of Trio Week, and it nearly gave me a heart attack. The costumes were fierce, Evanna gave everything to her performance, and for her debut dance on national television, Scarlett Byrne was a great addition to the show. Here’s a cute photo of the ladies in their costumes, before we knew they were in danger of being sent home!



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I’m so proud of @msevylynch . This week I got to see a glimpse of all the hard work, dedication and sheer fearlessness she puts into her performances. Preparing for this show week after week is no easy feat and both @keo_motsepe & Evanna do it with complete focus while still having a lot of fun together. Evanna’s passion & ability to combine strength and beauty in her dancing is inspiring and I’m excited to see her continue to grow as a dancer on the show. This photo was taken moments before we shared the @dancingabc stage together and I couldn’t of imagined doing it with anyone else. Thank you Evy for inviting me to join you for your trio week, Keo for being a phenomenal teacher and to @dancingabc for allowing me to build very special memories with one of my best friends. It was an honor to join you on your DWTS journey! Go #teamkevanna #dancingwiththestars

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Evanna, Scarlett, and Keo addressed the fear of that moment when it was announced that they were in the bottom two, as well as how amazing it was for Evanna to dance with one of her best friends. Take a look!



Thankfully, Team Kevanna persevered, and Evanna shared a lovely post on her Instagram Story, which you can see here. The resolution isn’t the greatest, but I love hearing Evanna talk about her experience.



Now we get to jazz our way alongside Evanna and Keo into Week 5 to enjoy one of Dancing with the Stars‘ most popular nights. It’s Disney Week!

Leading up to tonight’s performance, we were treated to glimpses of Evanna and Keo in the Magic Kingdom as a tease to their jazz routine, which was set to Tangled‘s “When Will My Life Begin.” I love these special videos from Dancing with the Stars!



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#DisneyNight is one of our favorite times of the season! Don’t miss the magic this Monday at 8|7c on ABC. #DWTS

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The pair also continued to post to their social media accounts to show rehearsals and camera blocking practices.






Evanna and Keo danced beautifully, but the judges still seemed to find fault with technical aspects of the performance, scoring them the same as last week, with 24 points out of 30. At the end of the show, as with all Disney tales, everyone received a wonderful surprise. Even though there were two couples in jeopardy, NO ONE WAS ELIMINATED! This means that Evanna and Keo are through to next week!




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It’s #DisneyNight tonight on @dancingabc! You’re gonna get all tangled up in our performance 😉 Let’s go #TeamKevanna!

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The scores given by the judges, no matter how they fall each week, are not enough to keep Evanna in this competition, and we all know that tonight’s surprise won’t happen next week! The combination of viewer online and telephone votes added to the scores from the judging panel are what keeps our girl fighting for that Mirrorball trophy!

Voting is open until 4 a.m. Eastern, and you can vote online or by calling in to Evanna and Keo’s dedicated number at 800-868-3405. There should be nine votes available to you, so use them wisely and please vote for Team Kevanna tonight!

I’m sure you already know, all of my votes are going to Team Kevanna. Your votes can help Evanna and Keo in Week 6, should they make it through!