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Throughout the years, the Harry Potter fandom has produced some truly amazing feats, from puppets who investigate mysterious noises, to conferences across the globe, and even a musical based on the Potter series. As a part of the fandom, MuggleNet promotes and reviews as many as possible because we care about your opinions! Those reviews can be found in our “Fandom Review” section:

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MuggleNet has received a lot of Harry Potter merchandise over the years, from video games, to soundtracks, and even cookbooks. Those reviews can be found in our “Merchandise Review” section:

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  • Jo-Ann Dunning

    well said!

  • Gary Bernard

    I would have saved Merope Gaunt… then Tom might not have grown up to be what he was. Sure she was a bit off putting a love spell on Tom Riddle Senior, but you can’t blame her when you see what kind of crazy family she grew up in.

  • Diannika

    if you read fanfics where lilly or james ‘return from the dead’ (were in hiding for one reason or another) you see the series would still work….not both, probably, but if one of them turned out in book 6 or 7 to be alive, it would still be harry potter the way we know it, as much as if any other character who died ended up alive

  • gissha

    Fred!! Each death, as painful as it was, made sense, except his… To this day it hurts to be reminded of the fact that my favorite characters, the twins, were torn apart. :c

  • Nicole

    The fact that the hand was created by Voldemort was the reason that it killed him. Voldemort understood that Wormtail had the potential to betray him. So when he gave Wormtail his new hand, he made that a part of the magic. If Wormtail turned traitor, his hand would kill him for his actions.